Legalizing All Illegal Drugs


So someone told you that weed kills? Any backup, or just anecdotes?


There are a lot more illegal drugs in the world that a person can have an instant allergic reaction too and die from compared to alcohol. Plus drugs hurt a persons brain a lot quicker. It takes years and years of alcohol abuse to tear down a persons body and brain. Drugs can brain down the body and the brain in a fourth, or a third of the time.

If a person would fry an egg, they might see some results of drugs.
Or go talk to a rehab counselor, and see how many people they’ve see addicted
to drugs, and what it’s done to their patience lives.




I know, right.


Just say no


I think I’ll go with the 30 or so friends I have that have been smoking pot for over 2 decades with no problem’s whatsoever.


Fatal allergic reactions to illegal drugs are so rare that they’re statistically irrelevant - particularly when compared to allergic reactions to prescription drugs.

As a former “rehab counselor” myself, I think that you need to do a little more research.


So do you have evidence of anyone, ever, dying from eating (or smoking) any quantity of cannabis?


Acetaminophen kills a lot more people very year than cannabis ever has (which isn’t hard if it’s a number greater than zero, but it’s a LOT greater than zero).


I remember the D.A.R.E. program back in grade school.

It was to help to teach kids, to not to do drugs when they get older.
It was a pretty cool program. I hope that they have that program
in California also, to teach kids to stay away from Illegal Drugs as well
out there.


I don’t think all drugs should necessarily be legal and I certainly don’t think all prescription drugs should be available over the counter.

However, on the danger scale, marijuana is about a 3/10. I’d put alcohol at 7/10. Not all pot users are potheads/abusers, just like not all alcohol drinkers are alcoholics. That being said, when comparing the long term health of potheads vs alcoholics, there is no comparison. Alcohol is far, far worse.


It didn’t work


Pay for sex before the act and you’re a cad.

Pay for sex after the act and you’re the President.


Do you even know why cocaine is only a schedule II drug? Its because it actually does have valid medical uses. If you ever have nasal surgery there is a good chance you will be treated with cocaine during the surgery as cocaine works as both a clotting and numbing agent.

And the chemical difference between heroin and other opiate pain killers is very slight. The only reason heroin isn’t used medically is because stuff like dilaudid and hydro’s / oxy’s work slightly better with less negative side effects.

Meth isn’t used medically though.


Over two decades as a cop. In that time I have yet to ever see someone high on JUST pot get violent with me or anyone else. I go on multiple calls a shift of someone being violent while drinking alcohol.

I’d take a pot smoker over a drunk any day.

The only downsides to pot from a law enforcement perspective is that pot STINKS. Uggh, I hate the smell. Despite what some potheads claim it is highly impairing from a driving standpoint as some of the most impaired driver’s I’ve seen were just high on just pot.

I’d legalize pot without hesitation because its ridiculous for alcohol to be legal and pot not be. And given I don’t want to give up my alcohol I don’t favor banning it.


Its been statistically shown that kids who go through DARE are more likely to get involved with drugs.


It is. Desoxyn is straight up meth. It’s (rarely) used to treat ADHD and obesity. Amphetamine (Adderall) and methylphenidate (Ritalin) are more commonly used. All of these are in the amphetamine family.


In the words of bill hicks, that’s not your brain that’s breakfast!


I have chronic IT band pain. Smoking a small bit of marijuana kills the pain for me and in about 15 minutes. And i am plenty functional. ■■■■ popping advil or vicodin every night. Opioids are 1000x more dangerous than marijuana. Its a tradgedy that while 10,000s die every year from opioid overdose we have people blocking marijuana use from grown adults.


Of all the most ridiculous comparisons I have ever heard that one takes the cake.