Legalizing All Illegal Drugs


That’s because it hasn’t happened.



This is probably what some people heard


A DNR once caught me mushroom picking in Wisconsin.

I once caught a DNR mushroom picking in Wisconsin.

Two ships passing in the night. Giggling ships.


There has been an increase of calls every year to poison control since 2014 for children who have ingested weed laced products. There has been an increase in emergency room visits from children ingesting weed laced products. There have been children admitted who were put in intensive care because of breathing problems. About 15% of children brought into the er for ingesting weed were admitted to the ICU. 20% were hospitalized.


Quoted for context your initial post which set this conversation off.

I dont think anyone is saying marijuana can’t be harmful to very young children. People were questioning your assertion about it causing death, where there is no direct link to a death. You might argue ICU prevented it - maybe so maybe not though. Regardless, alcohol can cause death if an infant drinks it. Ibuprofen can kill you if you take too much. Some children die from playing with their parents guns. Marijuana on the other hand has caused a massive amount of less deaths than the above has (if any at all).


But we do not put ibuprofen in food that young children normally eat. We do not put alcohol in food that toddlers normally eat. To say marijuana has not caused any deaths is just not true. I have spent almost 20 years around drug addicts and alcoholics. They tell very different stories than you do.
I get it you all want to spend your lives stoned. Go for it but if harm is caused to anyone else than I say it’s jail time. Also don’t ask the rest of us to pay for your stays at treatment centers. You caused this you pay for it.


I get it you all want to spend your lives filling your face with fatty foods. Don’t ask the rest of us to subsidize your heart surgeries through our insurance premiums. You caused this you pay for it


Marijuama doesnt kill. And with regards to putting marijuana in food, why should that prevent it from being legal?


Heck, Romaine lettuce has killed more people than cannabis has


Are you for banning dessert foods and snack foods, since many parents allow their children to over indulge and become obese? And childhood obesity is a much bigger problem in this country than kids getting into the parents’ stash.


No I’m not since that would be totally impractical. Prescription opiods serve a very clear and necessary medical purpose and can safely be self administered.

The same cannot be said for things like meth, heroin, coke etc.


Equating childhood obesity to poisoning is ridiculous. It takes decades for obesity to have serious health consequences while the ingestion of a single dose of illicit drugs can be immediately fatal and frequently requires emergency room treatment and hospitalization immediately following same.


I don’t stuff my face with fatty food. Most of what we eat is grow on the ranch. My only vise is iced tea. Don’t care much for sugary drinks. So, I have no heart trouble. If you want fat people to pay for their own surgeries fine by me. And I hope you know that most people that go to treatment for alcohol have to pay their own way.


When ya got nothing else, go personal. That’s the ticket.


The last time I even tasted that garbage he was still messing in his diapers.


That wasn’t the one I was referring to, but good on ya for staying away from that rot gut!:sunglasses:


I prefer good tequila and single malt very well aged Scotch when I do drink which is very rarely.

From about 15-30 I drank enough for four lifetimes of heavy drinking.


Quite a few people do. Then they realize it’s not the way to go and stop.:wink:


Riding an ambulance for six months will change your world view for a lifetime.


Not anymore. Obamacare solved that. Now dependency treatment and psychiatric/psychological counseling have to be covered.