Lefty Comment Yakkers - Human Tape Recorders

Earlier here there was a good bit of discussion on here revolving around Trump’s plan to pardon Manafort.

I was somewhat curious, but not overly so. Just more hangovers from socialist comment yakker wannabe pundits wretching from their latest carpet glue session…I figgered.

But nope. I ALWAYS get fooled at the start. See, liberal comment yakkers have NO originality in them. Can no more generate a unique thought than a computer chip in a modern refrigerator. Dems and other pustulent liberals are PROGRAMMED. And here it is… I found this and I wasn’t even looking…


Schumer: Trump ‘Better Not Talk About Pardons’ for Cohen or Manafort

"On Tuesday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) warned President Trump to refrain from talking about pardons for either former Trump attorney Michael Cohen or Paul Manafort at his rally in West Virginia on Tuesday or at any point in the future.

Shoomerclown said, “I understand the president’s on his way to a rally. He better not talk about pardons for Michael Cohen or Paul Manafort tonight, or any time in the future.”


It was Shoomerclown doing the programming today. Aha!! That’s where the frowzy hungover tape recorder playback noxious sissy liberal basement dwellers got their marching order talking points!

As an aside…and strictly my own feelings in the matter… Someone needs to take Shoomerclown out behind the senate and give him a good talking to about popping off with his rotten infected gums.

What did Chuckie Shoomerclown have to say about Bill Clinton’s pardon of Marc Rich? He was probably all over that one, like a Banty rooster on a June bug.

I have found that people accuse others of doing the very thing they themselves do.

It’s how they know what to accuse others of.

Stupidity of name calling aside, I doubt Schumer would have said much seeing as many from Israel had urged Clinton to pardon him as he had worked with Mossad.

Oh maybe a good idea not use a guy who Scooter Libby defended and Comney wanted brought to justice as your example.

The correlation is bank fraud.

Where did you get your information? Comey didn’t find any illegality on Clinton’s pardon of Marc Rich.

He did not finish it and he was part of the team that got Rich originally.

As “stunned” as he was, he didn’t find any illegality. “That investigation was closed in 2005 and no charges were filed against Mr Clinton.”

Um…what is illegal about issuing pardons?

LOL good question. They investigated the legality of the pardon for 4 years.

I know.

But why were you shocked when they didn’t find anything?

Do you realize the high barrier they would have had to overcome?

By the acting AG not Comney.

I’m not shocked. I don’t even know how we got to this point. I think this all started with DRS was finding fault with my selection of Marc Rich as an example. If I say black, he automatically says white. He is wired that way.

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No…it was a bad choice by way of analogy.

The facts brought out in this thread show that.

Not really. My post: What did Chuckie Shoomerclown have to say about Bill Clinton’s pardon of Marc Rich? He was probably all over that one, like a Banty rooster on a June bug.


Here’s what Mr. Schumer had to say aboutnthe pardon of Marc Rich:

Senator Charles E. Schumer, a New York Democrat, said, ‘‘The pardoning of fugitives stands our criminal justice system on its head and makes a mockery of it.’’ Senator Richard J. Durbin, Democrat of Illinois, said the pardon '‘certainly raises the appearance of impropriety.’


If you look long enough you might find where Chuckie told Bill Clinton he’d “better not talk about a pardon for Marc Rich.”