Leftist Political Rally Tonight!


Maddow is popular too.

doesnt change my point


That’s the sound of goalposts moving.


cant find any evidence ey?


Never said there was.

Are you ever surprised when journalists are assaulted by Trump supporters?

When you justify effusive hate and vitriol, what’s the next step?


It’s an annual crusade.


Define “hate” so we have some parameters.


They get political as though they have opinions and have a platform to share the opinions. And when you aren’t interested in hearing those opinions, you’re free not to tune in.

Yet here’s another “Hollywood Derangement Syndrome” thread.


im not the one who applies it to trump rallies

the left does

ask them


“stupid” opinions, yes i know i can hear them

at something that’s not supposed to be political by people who are political idiots

funny, their opinions are welcomed, but not mine…


CNN abandoning their “hate trump” agenda and trying to be objective journalists again?


You put the word in parenthesis, so in order to further the discussion, we need to set the parameters. In YOUR opinion, define hate so people have the opportunity to find out of what YOU would define as hate is coming from the Trump camp.


You’re allowed to have your opinion, but you aren’t guaranteed a platform. The actors aren’t either, but they’re provided one.

The problem is you’re focusing on the symptom, and not the problem. The problem isn’t their opinions, but rather that only the opinions of the elites, be they actors, or wealthy and corrupt businessmen, have the money to have their opinions put into practice. You’re mad at Hollywood, but you SHOULD be mad at the system. But the “stupid opinions” you disagree with are an easier scapegoat. We get it.


CNN has both sides represented, just like Fox has both sides represented.

The constant crowing about CNN just comes off as inconsistent partisan nonsense when a person is unable to bring themselves to hold ALL media to the same account.

I can personally say I DO hold all media to the same account. I’ve called out MSNBC, CNN, Fox, etc. over the years. And not just as token gestures, either.


Yet you mention it and refuse to indicate what you mean. In other words, this is an empty exercise since you won’t back your words with ideas.

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nice try

ask the enraged left and media to define it in ref to trump rallies and red hats

it’s not on me to do that


left and media go on and on about “hate”

i ask “what ‘hate’” exactly?

then i get “well, what do YOU mean by “hate”?


how are actors provided a platform, but not me?


93% negative



im not the one who says theres “hate” coming from trump rallies

so, dont ask me what that “hate” means

ask idiots over at msnbc etc


If you aren’t at a discussion board to have a discussion, why are you here?

Those aren’t the actions of a good faith participant in a discussion.




Just like Trump. Only reason he ever got a platform on Fox to begin launching his presidential campaign years ago is because of his money and fame.