Leftist Political Rally Tonight!


id like to see some of this “hate” taking place at those rallies

i mean, besides hate for CNN.


I was surprised there wasn’t more Trump mentions at the Oscars. Points were made, but they didn’t take over the show.


You’d like to see hate for CNN? In what form? Violence?


Yes, which is appropriate. It should be about honoring the films and the people who make them, not about our national embarrassment.

But wait till next year.


what i mean is id like to see an example of all this supposed “hate” that is spewed out at these trump rallies


These trumpists had no problem bashing Obama, and his wife and kids did they…now there can be no criticism of Trump. They know who they are.


I’m trying to figure out why the OP watched the Oscars to begin with.


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I’m pretty sure he didn’t. If you notice, he trots out a version of the same OP before every major awards show.

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where is anyone saying there should be no criticism of trump?


maybe you can ask the O P

not entirely partially because none of it has any bearing or effect on my life

except for maybe the “artist” who was eagerly bringing awareness to menstruation equality

i’m sure you remember, but here:


because if you notice the same thing happens - they get political as though they are all knowing


Isn’t this whole thread about leftists and their open and veiled criticism of Trump. Isn’t that what your intention is here?


it’s fairly straightforward in the op. but yes, essentially. dont worry you can discuss other aspects of the whole affair.

like how racist spike lee is


Examples besides hate for the press?


is that the hate everyone talks about? because if so that’s pretty pathetic. boos for CNN and heclking Acosta is hardly a problem in the country’s social fabric


Why not? Because journalists don’t have rights?


of course they do

but they arent journalists anymore. they are leftist/democrat political operatives less concerned about truth and more with their agenda

as any thinkingman can see. unfortunately.


And that makes it okay to direct vitriolic rage and occasionally violence against them?

What happens when they get bored of just doing so towards journalists?


The NY Times and WashPost are the two most popular newspapers in the US today. Your opinion is a minority one.



where was there any violence promoted toward CNN at any trump rally?