Leftist Political Rally Tonight!


Wow…just wow.


Yeah it just doesnt provide much entertainment value

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i dont think it’s supposed to

it looks like it’s meant to just entertain themselves and their adoring media


Looks just like Trump’s hair. You are making things up i think.


It’s a sad world when you have to make up stuff like this OP. And then it doesn’t come out anything like you thought it would.


I’m not the only one…, lol

just an observation


You seem a little obsessed with Hollywood.


make stuff up? it’s as predictable as clockwork

they made it political, about a couple topics as predicted in the OP article. i bet on smollett but given what a fraud he is i should have guessed

anyway, you may return to your attempts to rearrange reality


they seems obsessed with Trump hatred

i am just making an observation.


It kinda looks like his hair but the most iconic part of the trump combing is the front, which isn’t there. So probably not. Green Book won best picture, I doubt I will ever see that movie. I want to rent Overlord next.


I didn’t hear it but if you hear that much of it maybe something’s wrong with Trump.


i hear that all the time, but never hear what actually is wrong with Trump


i’m also curious exactly what “hate” spike lee is talking about. i see nothing but hate coming from the deranged media and hollywood left. yet all they keep taking about is all this “hate…”


for the record iv hated the Oscars since they boo’ed a Native American woman who refused to accept the best actor award on behalf of Marlon Brando


I wonder if Pence named his bunny after marlon though the bunny’s last name is bundo. Yes i bought john oliver’s book :3

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Jealousy and Envy are a mother ■■■■■■ to many Trumpflakes…


Never hear or don’t listen? There are plenty of posts on this board with the problems of Trump.


What’s wrong with bashing Trump? He’s earned it, he deserves it at every opportunity. The Oscars will go easy on him, because primetime network TV. “Mexico’s not going to pay for the wall” was funny, because it’s true.


It is interesting that leftist rallies celebrate art amd expression and creativity and diversity and toloerance and positive messages…

While rightist rallies are all about spewing hate and attacking different than them…

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Looks like the “pre-pouting” fell a little flat.

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