Leftist Mob Tries To Fight Conservative And Harrasses Her

This is what the left has come to. By the time she moved for the second time, I’ll bet there were 200-300 people gathered around her. AND THEY CHASED HER when she tried to move. She had every right to be on that campus, and for security to say that she had to leave because the students gathering around her might get sick from COVID (because they weren’t social distancing) is even more outlandish. Granted, she should have put her mask on sooner because it protects herself as well as everyone else. But that’s probably all they got right.

The (In)tolerant left, ladies and gentlemen!

I’m pro chasing away youtubers for any reason.


I’m pro-1st Amendment. For speaking one’s mind, and not being harassed for it. They tried everything in her power to run her off campus, including calling the police. If the police would have forcibly removed her, she probably could have a case against them for violating her 1st amendment rights.

The first amendment isn’t about protecting youtubers from ginning up clicks for likes.


Anyone can be annoying.

That’s the easy part

It takes a certain type of person to be annoying for profit. There’s enough people doing real things in the world that I really don’t see the need for anymore of whatever this is.

If a holocaust denier faces some clapback, none of us are free.


Don’t know anything about her, but the man-on-the-street trope is as old as tv.
Steve Allen to Ross the intern. Somewhere between Howard Stern and Griff Jenkins it became a different animal and now it’s weaponized by youtubers who think they’re cute.

now get off my lawn.

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You need to edit the Nazi reference out of that post and do it quickly please.

Just their actions in trying to silent you on Conservative forum…this is what makes them a direct threat or our civil liberties.


Wasn’t me, but I’d guess it’s the fact you put Godwin’s Law into play in the OP.

Libs could ignore her you know…just like I ignore most of libs.

But the difference between libs and I…I don’t try to censor em. :wink:


Snopes has the screen captures, for free.

You don’t have to watch her YouTube videos.


Sure don’t. I can point and laugh at the whole scene though.

Frankly griff jenkins did it better. Youtubers just seem so thirsty for the attention.


my god does the left hate competing ideas

it’s why they get so violent

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And maybe college students shouldn’t have to have their campus disrupted by a gun-fetishing holocaust denier?


they cant take her point of view?


leftsts are so quick to anger

esp when in racist mobs


And Conservatives have every right to wear their MAGA hats, to hold rallies, and to voice their opinion without being drowned out by other people. They have a right not to be harassed.


That the holocaust was a hoax?