Leftist Landslide in Mexico: WE NEED that Wall Quick


Not only has Obrador green lighted the Cartel’s business model, unfettered immigration from South America through Mexico, but soon Mexico will become the economic basket case every leftist run country becomes.

If you think our borders are flooded over now, wait till Mexico is Venezuela.

Traveling is so hard on the children and the trip is so dangerous. We should do the compassionate thing and annex Mexico.


Then we would become Venezuela too. Undocumented Democrats wouldn’t have to sneak in, they’d register and good by USA as founded.

Hello dumpster diving for food.

Haven’t you heard? The US Federal Government is the cure to everyone’s ills. It’s got all the wealth necessary to give everyone anything they want for free.


Leftists are willfully ignorant of facts, history. To them everything is emotion, what makes them feel good.

Leftist flee New York Taxes, but then vote for leftists in the low tax state they move to, and soon it becomes a basket case like the state they fled.

They tell themselves “they just didn’t know how to implement leftist policy correctly, this state will get it right.”

Trump addressed that stupidity at a UN speech, he observed Venezuela was a basket case, not because the implemented socialism incorrectly, but because they implemented it correctly.

Fails every time everywhere its tried, yet they keep deceiving themselves “this time it will work.”

Totally ignoring all the places where it does work.

Socialism doesn’t work. In Europe capitalism funds socialist programs, but they are capitalist countries.

Every true socialist country has failed. Unfortunately, leftists don’t blame socialism for its failures, they blame the people living under it. That’s why tens of millions in Russia and China were slaughtered, trying to make socialism work.

Sorry but it still works.

This is your chance. also that of every LEFTIST longing to be LEFT.

Migrate to Mexico. Live the leftist lifestyle in joy and peace.

Take the undocumented leftist Democrats with you. Now that Mexico has become leftist paradise, its time all good leftists come to the aid of Mexico.

Make the Revolution happen.

Meanwhile, after Trump’s wins are solidified in the midterms, we can build that beautiful wall quicker.

Before lefty paradise kicks in, just as it does everywhere else.

That would make the US by far the richest country in world history based on natural resources and it would instantly become much easier to control our southern border.

The welfare burden it would put on us along with the burden to the CJ system however would be enormous and it would take three or four generations if not more to root out the corruption that exists there today.

If we did though along with annexing Puerto Rico Obama could finally have his “57 States”.

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Please join us in reality. Socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried.

Yep Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands are all ■■■■■■■■■.

None of which are socialist countries.

Trump better hurry up and get that check from Mexico so he can get started on his wall…

socialism… libs think it is relatively new, arising from the brilliance of recent century philosophers.

Ahhhh… those low information libs …

Aristophanes wrote Ecclesiazusae 2400 years ago as a comedy to ridicule socialism… socialism by radical feminists, no less.

Text is available on the web…I would post a link but there are some forbidden words there are some libby is bound to report me for bypassing the filter. So… just Google.

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He doesn’t need one. All he needs is to get congress to pass a tax on all remittances sent to Mexico to non US citizens.

He doesn’t really need that either, the people who support the wall are for the most part more than willing to help pay for it, I know I am. It was a cute campaign device but I could care less if he keeps that part of it, just build the wall, I don’t really care if my taxes pay for it and neither do most of the other people who want it built.

Well, not today since it supports your current argument. They should be socialist again by tomorrow.

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You won’t find where I’ve called any of them “Socialist Countries”.

They are Western European Social Democracies but they are very capitalist economically.

Really…so we can become uncompassionate to our own children?