Leftist Bully David Hogg Once Again Threatens Ingraham's Sponsors with Boycott

Even though she said nothing about him. It’s because he didn’t like her position. On the immigrant situation.

So in true leftist bullying fashion, not to mention blazing leftist hypocritical fashion, he once again threatens Ingraham Angle sponsors with leading a boycott.

Nothing to do with “guns” of course - please don’t act shocked.

Running out of leftist attention (CNN spotlight stolen by trashy money grubbing porn star), or just can’t keep from bullying?

Not sure myself, but something tells me… both.

Boo hoo hoo. Such snowflakes you all are.


What an incredible PUNK!

This kid is nothing but an economic terrorist, trying to shut down the voices of anyone who doesn’t agree with him. What an anti-American TOOL!! He’ll never learn.

He is going to be embarrassed how little this will work. Ingraham has the 2nd highest rated show in prime time cable. Think Fox isn’t going to laugh him off again?

Thanks for the list, Punk. I’ll be writing to all of them, telling them that if they run scared from the punk I’ll NEVER be using them, again.

Now, watch the lefties here DEFEND him, once again.


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The self promoting little snot and bully must be starved for attention again.

I suspect he’s about to find out just how irrelevant he’s already become.


They can’t help it, it’s reflexive.

the more the left do what they do when they do what they do the more it becomes obvious what they are really all about.

i m glad he’s demonstrated so nicely what we have all said he really is and wants to do

The kid must be doing something good if he’s ruffling the feathers of all these usual suspects.


it’s going to be pretty tough to defend him now since he just made it so obvious what a bully he really is.

prob why no lefties have done so yet in this thread.

“oooh dont touch that …,”

either that or too busy calling trump a 1940s era evil socialist over starving and imprisoning kids at the border for his own evil delight i guess.

mission du jour

Book sales must not be meeting expectations.

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i like how he tweets “we meet again” as though they ran into each other vs how he obsesses over her and is on a missio to shut her show down

ahh yes pure capitalism at work…(lefty style capitalism)

seems ingraham ruffles his feathers more than anyone by having an opinion about anything now

just applause for causing trouble and trying to silence and intimidate opinions he doesnt like

no criticism for him though

Schoolboy crush?

ooh i wonder…

and like other psychos he attacks her since he cant have her…?

interesting thought

pretty soon he’ll be trying trying to silence dana perino. then jeanine pirro!

Boycotts are anti-American?

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I don’t see him posting in this thread - just the usual suspects that complain about any perceived Liberal cause.

Heaven forbid that he engage in discussing the issue, instead of stamping his feet and throwing a tantrum for attention.

Though what you say might be true, the real issue here is that the people calling him an “economic terrorist” are the same kind of people who believe that no one is entitled to customers.

“Leftist bully”

Oh my word.


Sounds like your feathers are ruffled. Proving my point.

What Hogg is doing to Ingraham is nothing compared to what the unhinged right is doing to him.