Left-wing terrorist

If you hate Ellison so much then you should like my views. He’s my representative but never vote for him.

Poor little libs. They want to dictate what we can discuss on a Conservative website.

I suspect Antifa is going to get much more vocal in coming months.

Tell the Democrat Party that!!

Elected Democrat politicians support these groups, they praise these groups as some kind of grass root patriots and encourage and pay them to “protest” and then proceed to blame the violence & filth they cause on others.

OWS, BLM and ANTIFA all have the blessing of the Democrat Party.

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Of course you do.

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accusing folks in being fooled and duped is like the pot calling the kettle black.

According to whom?

Could you find an endorsement of these groups anywhere on the DNC’s page?

He is the biggest pot, trust me.

Beat me to it by a min. Sure seems to be a lot of that going on in this thread

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Antifa…Embrace em libs. They are who you are.

And White Supremacists have the blessing from the Republican party.

When did you stop supporting the alt-right?

You are all over the place today

didn’t call anyone black nor did I draw a comparison between being duped and being black.

According to Conan every racist piece of ■■■■ at white supremacist rallies wearing MAGA hats are the face of the Republican Party. Interesting position to take.

No…that’s according to you libs.

Okay :laughing:
Whatever you say

Are you really so feebleminded that your beliefs are modeled over what the people you hate most think?

Face it libs, Antifa is byproduct of your own creation.

You must be part of the 59% of Democrats who still dares to call yourself a capitalist. According to Hillary the other 41% are socialists.

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