Left/Right brain dominance

Ok, so I don’t know that this is any indicator of left/right brain dominance, but here’s the shoe test running around on social media.


If you see it as pink and white, you’re supposedly left brain dominant, grey and green you’re right brain dominant.

At first I saw pink and white, but my wife stumbled across it this afternoon, and held up her phone and said “pink and white.” I caught it in my peripheral vision and saw green and grey.

If you’re so inclined, try holding the image off to the side and catch it in your peripheral vision to see if you see it differently. If nothing else, it’s a pretty cool mind trick.

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What if you see pink and green (or is that grey) with white trim?

Color perception depends on 1) the balance of red, green and blue receptive cones in your eyes, 2) the light in which the object is illuminated, and 3) whether you are seeing it directly with your eyes or through a device that reproduces the image for the eye to see.

It does not depend on left/right brain dominance.

Yes, but it’s advertised as such. Like I said, pretty neat trick if you see it both ways.

Is there any evidence that liberals view this image differently than conservatives based on their lower cognitive ability? I wouldn’t be surprised.

Advertised by who?

It is not a trick to see it both ways. All you did was change the conditions as to how you were looking at it.

By wherever I saw it on social media. My mentioning of it was more of a disclaimer. As in, I don’t believe it’s any indication of right/left brain dominance, but look at this ugly shoe and tell me what you see.

Grey and green

We often do things that don’t make sense logically. Left/Right. Silver/black. Grey/green. Jesus/Devil. Banana/Munchkin.

I did it right now. I can feel it.

Fix your contrast.