Lee - Jackson Day

I mean, I get the whole “Crap the lib mob elitist coastal snob PC thugs are forcing us to celebrate MLK so let’s ease the sting by piggybacking onto that figures who fought for the continuation of slavery because Southern Heritage/Always fun to cheese off the libs” angle, but how do you phrase that in such a way that it’s not obvious?

They didn’t. Everybody that had at least a double digit IQ could see exactly what they were doing. Chalk it up to different times.

I won’t say a thing against Southerners. I was in Atlanta (if that can be considered representative of the South) last year for a business conference, first time I’ve ever been that far South unless you count Arkansas. People were polite and friendly to the point where at first I was convinced they were trying to sell me a time share or something. But Atlanteans are just genuinely gracious people and their city is gorgeous.

That said, “some” mentalities out there are truly bizarre.

I was living in Va when this happened. It was essentially to throw shade on MLK and so that they didn’t really have to endure a holiday honoring a black man.

I had to move to South Carolina to learn there was a Confederate memorial day. I wish kids would learn more about this in schools.

Well…you were in a fairly large city. Probably a bit different out in the country.
Of course, that probably is true in nearly any state…

In general southerners tend to be very hospitable people, be they rural or urban. It’s one of our charms.

We aren’t perfect. Far from it. But it’s a cultural trait that we are known for nationwide.