Lee - Jackson Day

It sure is getting harder and harder for states to recognize confederate heroes these days.

On Thursday, the Virginia House voted 55-42 to pass HB 108, a bill that would remove Lee-Jackson Day as a state holiday. The legislation would make Election Day, the Tuesday after the first Monday in November, a state holiday instead.

Virginia has recognized Lee - Jackson Day in some sort or fashion since 1889. They even established a Lee - Jackson - King day, in recognition of MLK, from 1983 to 2000. What triple threat, huh? But no more! Instead, Virginia has decided to replace Lee - Jackson Day by making Election Day a state holiday.

“We need to make Election Day a holiday,” he said in his State of the Commonwealth speech last month. “We can do it by ending the Lee-Jackson holiday that Virginia holds … It commemorates a lost cause. It’s time to move on.”

Virginia joins other states like Delaware, New York, and Kentucky in making Election Day a holiday. I applaud Virginia for taking the steps to make voting easier for its citizens. Congratulations Virginia!

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Even as a kid… I thought getting off from school for Lee-Jackson- King day was pretty ■■■■■■ up.

Same. I always thought it was super weird. Yet, growing up in VA, it somehow made sense.

By the time I get to Arizona.


My wife is a little bummed that she won’t be getting that four day weekend anymore, though.

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We should not be honoring traitors to the United States anyway. Now, if they can get rid of that big ass confederate flag on I-95 and I-64, though I think both sit on private property so that my be a little bit more complicated.


If you’re talking about the one near Fredericksburg, it is on private property.

As for getting rid of this “holiday” its about time and glad my home state finally did the right thing.


Yeah…I thought it was on private property, but I wasn’t sure.

Well, it’s still less cartoonishly racist than West Virginia I guess.

Having grown up in Virginia and having lived there as recently as 2018, I can guarantee you a lot of good old boys are really pissed off about this.

Makes me smile…


There’s one just north of Lexington that can be seen fro I-81, too. And another on the bypass road around Danville. And, yeah, they’re all on private property.

Out in California, a number of cities dominated by expatriate Vietnamese insist on flying (in official government space) the flag of the extinct government of South Vietnam, rather than the flag of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and in fact many ban the use of the official flag.

Kind of awkward, considering the United States recognizes the Socialist Republic of Vietnam as the sole legitimate government of Vietnam and has done so since 1995.

If people want to be stupid and fly the Confederate Flag on PRIVATE property, that is their right to do so and they should not be obstructed in that right. As long as it does not fly on public property, everything is fine.

I do know that some governments have stopped flying the official flag of Mississippi and instead fly the “Stennis” flag in its place.

Go take it down.

They should replace it with Jackson-Lee day. What a treasure.

It is a good way to identify the ignorant amongst us without actually having to engage them.

Treasure? Well, she did ask if the Mars Rover took any images of the flag Armstrong planted…

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General that is self evident even without the flag.

I was down in east central Florida visiting my brother and sister in early January. Saw the typical occasional Confederate flag. Almost invariably flying over a nasty looking trailer or run down old house. You very rarely see them any more in middle class neighborhoods.

With the rise of social media, it is more of a risk for somebody with a job to be seen flying the Confederate flag, particularly in a mixed work force.

So for the most part, it is only the dregs that are flying the Confederate flag.


Trying to understand the rationale behind celebrating MLK and Lee/Jackson on the same day.

Not hard to figure out, really.