LeBron James says neither Cavs nor Warriors will go to the White House

LeBron James: Neither Cavs or the Warriors will accept an invite to the White House after the NBA Finals.

“I know no matter who wins this series, no one wants an invite anyway. It won’t be Cleveland or Golden State going," he said, according to USA Today.

Good for them.

Good thing Donald’s not a divider.

Another patriotic celebration, another chance for Donald to get the words right.

Bamn……and there’s that. You can bet your sweet bippy that move solved everything? I’ll bet nobody bitches from either side from here on out?: What a genius on and off the court. sunglasses:

They’re telling Trump to take his invite and shove it. Something two opponents agree on. How about that?

trump has done nothing but divide people since he got into office…make america great again my ass.

LeBron should worry more about his game. Seems to be getting his butt kicked. :rofl:

I have a hard time believing that any more championship professional sports teams will be visiting the White House during Trump’s term.

well yeah…he united both teams to do the same thing


I will note, this is just what Jones seems to think, not any sort of official position from either team.

that is very true. An NBA team though have far less team members then an NFL team and LeBron voice carries a whole lot of weight in the Industry.

Indeed, I even heard Dave Dameshek opine that LeBron was a better player than MJ. Which, as a lifelong Chicagoan I naturally consider blasphemy. :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t call it blasphemy but I do call it a silly statement. MJ was the best.

I have a hard time caring.

Basketball ended when Larry Bird retired.

Bird was one of my favorites. Celt fan here. Bill Russell, havlicheck, I could go on and on.

I really hoped the finalists this year would play all night and never score a point.:rofl:

that was before Space Jam though

It really doesn’t have anything to do with weight. If he wasn’t right about the Warriors, they will say so. And so far, they haven’t.

I remember taking my kid to that. Haven’t seen it in a long time. Great movie.

I read that Donald dis-invited them once already because one team member didn’t commit to attending.

its actually playing at a movie theater not far from here…pondering about going with wife

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