LeBron James is Joining the L.A. Lakers

It’s official: LeBron James is joining the L.A. Lakers.

I don’t know why he would leave the East to play in the rugged West and face the Warriors more often. I don’t think the Lakers will make the Finals during his four years there.

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I’ve been a fan since 1980 and I think this is a bad move.

4 year deal lakers have the cap space for one more big time player. Should be interesting. Lebron will probably finish his career there. Dont see them going to finals this year. Probably best opportunity for him and his son/family in LA too down the road. Not sure lebron is chasing rings any more but it’s possible he can scrape out 1 or 2 more, but not until lakers get someone else

The long term contract is big because ppl will sign knowing hes staying

Kawhi Leonard becomes a free agent next year, plus Durant’s contract comes due, and he is rumored to want to move to the Knicks.

Could be an interesting shake up in the West soon. Stay tuned.

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Lebron knows he has a slim chance of winning another ring. At this point it’s about the money; 4 years/$154 Million. I think he wants to get involved in Hollywood/film production. I heard on the radio that he is in talks with Kevin Hart to executive produce some form of comedy. By the way, I don’t Kevin Hart is funny AT ALL!! But for some reason he continues to sell out arenas.