Leaked video shows snowflake meltdown at Google after Trump election


I want to be certain here of who you are speaking of… because if it is Sergey Brin you have no idea how unintentionally hilarious you are being.


If you have a point, make it please…


Sergey Brin’s Family fled Russia and when he was six.

So what you are saying is that a man who went on to create one of the most valuable companies in history should stop complaining and go and fix Russia.


Wouldn’t you like Putin deposed?.. If he hates our democracy, who cares how much money he made.


You are hilarious



It’s a form of employee intimidation.


As an example the Google News iPhone app does not show the Breitbart story about the Google meltdown on the main headlines nor on the top US headlines. Instead a CNN story appears as the lead if I open US news tab.
The headline reads, “Leaked Google video fuels conservative claims of political bias from tech giants”.

The original Breitbart story does not even appear in the “highly cited” category although I did see it there earlier today. Instead a New York Times article appears instead with a headline similar to the CNN story.

The story is twisted from being about the over-the-top political bias displayed in the video, to being a story about those silly conservatives.

Good grief.


The OP and other Trump sycophants are PATHETIC. They’re still living their little wet dream of making patriotic Americans upset by electing the biggest scumbag we’ve ever had in national politics.

Just goes to show how empty-headed Trump’s lowlife supporters are.

ANY patriotic red blooded American should have cried themselves to sleep the night Trump was elected, but his supporters are too stupid and immoral.


That a Trump supporter on this board felt okay about posting a google cartoon invoking and displaying swastikas demonstrates what total valueless scumbags his supporters really are.


Wow man. Wow at your image choice, and wow at the website written on it.


Yeah, that’s a site that hosts content from Paul Joseph Watson, Alex Jones, and a lot of other garbage. Tells you a lot about the average Trump supporter.


Yet, Trumpsters can’t understand why google dreads them and a Trump presidency as they post hate memes, launch racist attacks on immigration and tell the CEO to go back to his own country


Great website ,hugely informative, 5/7 would recommend


Where you been surfing the web at?


Type in googles fascist


Corporations are people my friend


There are Conserative search engine use that and stop complain about stuff you don’t understand.


I don’t recall, but how did Fox report on the numerous sexual harassment cases?


Here you go.

Thank me later…