Leaked video shows snowflake meltdown at Google after Trump election


Breitbart published a leaked video from a Google employees’ meeting that occurred immediately after Trump’s election. Here is the link:

Google claims that it welcomes a diversity of opinions (see section starting 23:13), but somehow any employees who voted for Trump were smart enough to keep their opinions to themselves. To be fair, there was a statement (starting 3:30) about having to accept election results in a democracy even when you disagree with them.

My observation is that while I use the Google News, it certainly does not provide an unbiased selection of news stories. The lead “news” stories are frequently op-eds from the Washington Post, the Huff Post, or other liberal commentators about how stupid or evil Trump is. If I never checked sources, such as Drudge or Breitbart, I would be missing a large part of the stories.

Somehow I haven’t seen the story in the headlines on Google News. Nothing to see here move on . . .


Worse, much worse, than I ever suspected.

Didn’t Google just refute this when President Trump suggested the bias was worth government examination?

This has me concerned.


This kinda of crap is not cool.
Imagine a person in that audience who voted for Trump.
They just made the Work place a hostile environment for any Pro Trumpers.
I would love to see Google get SUED by many Employee’s who are Pro-Trump claiming Hostile Work environment.


It already happened:


My wife is a wonderful person. She’s much nicer than I but we each have our strengths and weaknesses. Identifying the strengths in each of us and applying them for the betterment of the union has been the hallmark of our successful marriage. I’ve compared it to an M&M candy. She’s the sweet, gooey chocolate and I’m the hard candy shell. The shell is sweet too but not like the chocolate inside. If the shell wasn’t there, when things heat up, the chocolate would become a mess. Each need each other to work as a single, successful unit.

This mindset in this video reminded me of my wife. I agree with much of what they said but I also recognize the innocence of their spirit. If everyone was as nice, intelligent and as committed as they were, their wishes for a better world would be realized taking the path they were espousing. In the real world, so many do not apply their best efforts and only care about themselves. That’s where the hard, candy shell comes in. It takes both mindsets to succeed. There are conservatives and liberals. The mindsets and pathways are different but the end goals are similar. “We” need to come together and unite again as a nation. I sincerely hope that each side has the ability to rise above politics and recognize the other side’s strengths. This sometimes requires a personal sacrifice…to not always having to have your way first. Kenny Rogers said it in a song that “you have to know when to hold em and know when to fold em”. This applies to all of us, if you want our nation to win in the long run.


Yes basically him being fired for his very neutral memo went against what they tried to say in that TGIF meeting.
I loved how they Tried so hard to say we need to support people who voted for Trump then trashed those people moments later.
They were really bad.


He was probably fired to keep the female employees from killing him. Yep white male conservatives are sooo persecuted.:roll_eyes:


why the rehash of the 2016? How bout the 2018 midterms.

I have a feeling that the google employees crying in 2016, will be much happier when Nancy comes rolling in. Thanks to our esteemed President.



As long as they don’t hurt themselves by patting their own backs too hard.

What a bunch of buffoons. They do not even understand the necessary reason and value of a strong 2 party system.


I just went to their website. Unless today is an anomaly, your assertion is false.


They need to make themselves feel better.


Google is a corporation, like any company any of us probably work for. It says volumes about Google when a company meeting is all about politics.

I don’t know about you, but anytime the execs at my company get together in a boardroom, or division meeting, no one talks about politics. So when I see Google’s meeting turn into nothing but politics, it tells me that they are a company which if focused on party politics, especially Democratic Party.

How could a registered Republican ever feel comfortable working in a corporation where the executives are openly biased in their politics?


Agree. It is aberrant behavior in a work environment.


That’s why when we have official company meetings, in the company I work for, no one ever discusses politics, and they certainly do not make their political party preferences known. Our executives and supervisors do not want to openly discuss politics, precisely because it might make people with differing political views feel uncomfortable.

It seems like the central purpose over at Google, is to promote the Democratic Party agenda and progressive ideology. so if you were anything but a progressive liberal Democrat, you are surrounded by people who will view you as their political enemy.


They probably keep a handful of token R conservatives around as oddities to study.


I have worked at banks where the executives were expected to donate to republicans. It wasn’t a written policy of course but it was definitely an unwritten one. It cost me quite a bit of money.


Is this the Al Bundy thing of reliving one spectacular football game for years?


I’m offended a immigrant refugee is offended by our elections… Go fix you country ya coward!


Are you talking about Sergey Brin?


Who ever that Google guy was…