Leaked photo reveals 'mass trial' of immigrants in Texas

Between this, supporting businesses that won’t serve gays, and a president who claims to be above the law we’re living in a time machine.

Those are illegals not immigrants. No charge for the correction. :wink:


We should patches on them to more easily tell them apart.

Just deport them and get ready for the next trial.

They come over in masse, don’t they? Say you have 40 in one truck. You want a Perry Mason type trial for every one of them?
And hire more judges and courts, as Trump wants.

Economy style illegal trials. I like it.

Program started in 2005 . .

The mass trials were held under the Obama adminstration . .

Just increased in number under Trump Administration.

But yet Trump admin is the bad people.

Shouldn’t the people breaking OUR laws be the bad guys/gals?

Oops! :cowboy_hat_face:


Pfff, without the Orange coveralls it looks like a slow day in traffic court.

Yes, there is a huge difference between ILLEGAL ALIENS and (legal) IMMIGRANTS like me. I followed the law in coming here, getting permanent residency (green card), and then later on applying for US Citizenship. The Democrats love conflating illegal aliens with legal immigrants. They want you to think it’s the same thing. I think it puts a bad name on the real immigrants –
those that follow/followed the legal process.


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I applaud you doing it the right way! Many wishes for your success here.

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This right here.

Do it right, and we don’t have any issues.

Jump the wall, run the boarder, stow away, overstay a visa or that . . . go back home.

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These are all crimes, It’s actually a nice thing on the part of the US to deport the criminals. I think that you can be lenient so many times. What do you think of a three strikes law? First two times you get deported. The third time, it’s a prison sentence.


Coming into the country illegally is illegal… They need a speedy trial and to be booted back to the land they love.

Laughs in Chinese


Obama’s track record on immigration was abhorrent



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It’s eating you…huh!

I’d go for two strikes. First time deported, second time charged with RICO crime