Leading human right watchdog group claim Kingdom of Saudi Arabia tortures female prisoners

As I said… Turkey is our worst Ally.

The alliance that we have with them is hard to disentangle and it would mean a pretty major shift in global politics.

Turkey doesn’t have to do much to sew discord between the US and the Saudis. The Saudis are doing just fine sewing all that discord all by themselves.

Ya know Mr. Righteous…what were the lives of those innocent children killed by drone strikes ordered by President Obama? I am neither condoning nor condemning Obama’s actions. I do understand the tough decisions a POTUS must make and can set politics and feelings aside. How about you?

Wasn’t worth anything once he crossed the SA kingdom and had the nerve to strut onto their soil.

We must respect all cultures, even those that are very different than ours.

I would like to know what he published that pissed them off so much. It all looked rather benign to me.

And then sold that popcorn to both sides.

Ahhh the Military Industrial Complex must get their money.

The US does not have a monopoly on arms production.

Both Iraq and Iran loved their Soviet surplus tank brigades.

I never said that we did have a monopoly.

We still sold arms to both sides of the Iran/Iraq conflict.

No, we really don’t.

No there’s not. There is only one reason.

Are you comparing collateral damage in an attempt to kill terrorists to luring a journalist into a consulate so that you can murder him, slice his body up, and then lie to the world about what happened?

I guess the Trump line of “You think our country’s so innocent” has rubbed off on you.

I’m the one who said, “you think your country’s so innocent” years ago, right here in HannityLand. Trump must have read it and is now using it? You can also attempt to justify the killing of innocent people by governments anyway you choose to word it but the reality is, it’s happened before, now and will again in the future. What I also know is that your “righteousness” is politically based and not real. Thanks for sharing.

I’m digging watching the fake Christians once again. I’ll be easier for God to sort out as well.

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I will call this footnote 11201836m.

Of course we don’t, but we get conflicting messages from official sources on this.

So it is like a big outdated weapon flea market that would flourish with or without US goods.

Might as well join the party.

The lying part was odd.

They should have owned it from the start. Turkey had to play the role of Inspector Clouseau and never did fond the body in the garden like they said they would.

Sounds like somebody is building a case for a coalition.

Cozying up to dictators and brutal regimes is all part of what will MAGA. :roll_eyes:

Countless Presidents are collectively rolling over in their graves.

Good job Trump supporters. I hope you’re all so proud.

Presidents. Plural, not possessive.