Leading human right watchdog group claim Kingdom of Saudi Arabia tortures female prisoners

In a new report issued today leading watchdog group claim the kingdom openly tortures and sexual assault female prisoners.

Prisoners in the kingdom’s Dhahban Prison have allegedly been electrocuted and flogged.

Saudi Arabia arrested several women’s rights activists earlier this year and influential clerics and intellectuals have also been detained.

The BBC has approached the Saudi authorities for comment.

this is my surprised face

Lotta torturers out there. What, you think our country’s so innocent?

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In the luxury, safety and comfort of living in the US, “we” become naive to what goes on outside that world.

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“It’s a shame but it is what it is.”

Just a suggestion, but is this really the best the “greatest country in the history of the world” can do for allies? If it is, maybe we aren’t as great as some would like to pretend we are.

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Hey… we haven’t been living up to our advertising in quite a while.

Why start now?

Guess the Central American parade of Asylum movers and shakers will be turning right around.

Kashoggi was just another in a long line of abuses.

I hope the rest of the world starts to hone in on the uncivil aspect of SA culture.

Trump can’t do it all, even though he tries.

The President has thrown his lot all in with the Saudis.

This is his choice and his alone to continue deepening relations with them.

Oddly enough he has no problem telling off our long term European allies but that is neither here nor there.

The majority of them already stopped. And it was never even that big of a deal to anyone other than those who wanted to be terrified/enraged by the xenophobic rhetoric Trump was spewing right before an election.

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Tries to do what exactly? Normalize the absolute worst dictators in the world as long as they say nice things about him or he has business interests in their countries?

He is a weak, selfish man.

Distancing ourselves from SA draws us closer to Turkey and Iran.

I like that option even less. It is a duplicious and complex region with little to gain by taking a stand.

Maybe OSLO can file some world court charges against SA?

Trump knows which battles to pick.

Kashoggi ain’t one.

Remember how crazy some Jihadi went over the Mahumet cartoons in Paris? That is the hornet nest crazy you have to be willing to jump on. SA is home to Mecca and represents much more than just SA.

We are already entangled with our worst ally Turkey pretty deeply and that is not going to change any time soon.

There is also a failure in a dichotomous view that slapping down the Saudis will be a win for Iran. The two foreign policies, even though linked are also separate in expected outcomes.

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There were 110 billion reasons Trump did what he did. It’s a shame but out there in the real world, beyond feelings, comes the reality that…money talks.

Nonsense. Erdogan is setting himself up as a supreme ruler and blames the comically inept coup on a cleric hiding in the US.

Erdogan would LOVE to sew discord with US and SA. Ditto Iran for even more obvious reasons…

But we are taking a stand. We aren’t passively observing from a distance.

We have been tacitly supporting repressive butchers in that part of the world for generations because we valued the cheap, steady supply of oil more than we do human life. And that has come back to bite us in the backside time and time again.

Can we at least get a consistent amount that Jamaal Khashoggi’s life was worth to the Trumpists? One minute it’s 12.5 billion and tens of thousands of jobs. The next it is 400 billion and millions of jobs. After that it’s somewhere in the middle.

We have been watching these blood lust leaders and encouraging them to attack each other instead of coalescing as a force.

We put our feet up for the Iran Iraq war and made some popcorn.