Leader of armed group at U.S. border boasted of assassination training for Obama and Hillary

Holy crap.

At least this guy has been arrested and is off the streets on an unrelated charge. Maybe these aren’t the best people to be down at our border to try to keep the peace. If they’re actually training their followers to assassinate politicians, they shouldn’t be trying to help our law enforcement.

“The FBI in court papers said that while it was investigating allegations of “militia extremist activity” in 2017, witnesses accused Hopkins of saying the UCP was training to assassinate Obama; Clinton, who was the Democratic presidential candidate in 2016; and George Soros, a financier who supports liberal causes.”

This is what I’ve been trying to warn you people about. Radical, violent leftists. A danger to us all.


I suspect it was not meant to be taken seriously but If you say stupid crap like that then expect some consequences.

The more i hear sbout this so called militia the more I am convinced its more a group of idiots running around playing army. Probably spend more time playing grab ass than anything else (wonder who will get the Phil Hendrie reference)

I pray that I’m wrong, and I wouldn’t have said this 2 years ago, but it feels like we’re close to a Bobby Kennedy type deal.

Please let me be wrong.

Fall back on the standard Trump Nation defense when you get caught being stupid:

“I was just joking.”

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A fine group indeed…

The FBI continues to do really good work and all they get is trashed here by people who support a New York City Republican.


You mean besides the nut who mailed dozens of actual pipe bombs to Trump’s enemies list?

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Dissaray!! Coup! Bengazi!

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It’s really obvious isn’t it?

So obvious even gatewaypundit would get it right

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Fake news he was a bernie voter

No Trump supporter has chimed in yet.

And AOC donator

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Yes but is this real or just made up by an FBI in disarray?

On a serious note I read this today felt sad for our state of affairs and not sure whether to laugh or shake my head when thinking of some of the posters here.

Real Disarray! Like a mouse with it’s tail stuck in fbi mousetrap

Like real disarray some people would say that the FBI is in disarray again!

But Hodgkinson?

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How long before the Pardon and he is appointed head of ICE?

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In before process crime and people say stupid things all the time.