Lawyer issues warning to Congress on Barr contempt: 'You are heading into a world of hurt'


From the article below:

For instance, Turley warned Democrats not to challenge Trump’s assertion of executive privilege with regard to information shared with the Special Counsel’s Office, which is part of the executive branch. He said case law is strong on this issue.

"I strongly encourage you not to make that argument in federal court," he said.

House Democrats, though, have pressed forward, accusing the Trump administration of obstructing their efforts to learn more about the Russia investigation.

“We did not relish doing this, but we have no choice,” Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., said after the contempt vote earlier this month, adding, "We’ve talked for a long time about approaching a constitutional crisis. We are now in it."

As I’ve stated in the past, this is all about politics and has nothing to do with oversight. Despite Turley’s warning, DEMs are likely to proceed. Winning is of no concern. They simply want to keep this crap front and center so as to maximize their destruction of Trump ahead of the 2020 elections.

I boldly predict their antics will fail miserably and that Trump will easily be reelected.

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Ennhhhh…just let the courts decide what can be demanded and what can’t.

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In this particular case, it sounds like they are likely to lose but plan to proceed anyway. Why would they do that if not for political gain?

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“Lawyer”? OK.


Huh??? :confused:


Of course the whole thing is political. They know these are the standard, and in fact some are legally required, redactions. They know that the leaders of both parties have been provided with unredacted versions as much as legally allowable.
Which is a good reason to just ignore the shenanigans and let the courts decide.
Most likely Dems don’t want a ruling in their favor that would force the redactions to become public, thus ending the conspiracy theories about how all the good parts are redacted.

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A loyal Trump supporting Fox pundit said something. Neat.


The loyal Trump supporting Fox pundit is most likely right in this case.

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A threat, huh?


Turley isn’t a loyal Trump supporter by any stretch of the imagination.


Still not seeing “a world of hurt.”


A quick review of his stance on legal issues related Trump says otherwise. Don’t really have any interest in dwelling on him more.



It’s rhetoric for…


Exactly! The DNC and Democrats got nothing else but to destroy Trump! They’ve got to keep the division and anger going until they ruin the country and get their 2nd Civil War. :angry:


This lawyer and you think so, Dems in Congress don’t, I don’t really care; hence me mocking the sensational headline.


What is up with this “2nd Civil war” crap?


Think about what you are saying. Do you honestly think for one second the DEM controlled House Judiciary Committee would invite a loyal Trump supporting Fox pundit to testify?

Turley is a recognized expert on Constitutional law.

I think you are being seriously blinded by your hatred of Trump. :roll_eyes:


Turley isn’t just some lawyer. But hey I get it. You disagree with him so he must be a nobody. :roll_eyes:


And that is at the heart of my OP. Knowing they will likely lose, why would they proceed if not for political gain?


The same reason Republicans called for seven different hearings on Benghazi.

They’ll get her this time!

It’s the only game in town…