Lawmakers Demand Investigation Of How Labor Secretary Handled Sex Trafficking

Epstein stood to face life imprisonment for trafficking minor girls for sex parties. But according to the details of the plea Acosta brokered, which were alleged in a bombshell report by the Miami Herald last week, the then-U.S. attorney secured Epstein a non-prosecution deal that required he serve just 13 months in county jail and plead guilty to two prostitution charges.

“The non-prosecution deal also had the effect of shutting down a Federal Bureau of Investigation examination of whether there were more victims and astonishingly granted immunity to potential co-conspirators,” the lawmakers’ letter continues.

The overall “lack of public transparency” about Acosta’s involvement in the case necessitates a review by the Inspector General, the letter argues.

Meanwhile, Trump is reportedly floating Acosta as a replacement for Jeff Sessions as attorney general.

This guy would fit in well as AG for the trump administration.

One would think that our resident QAnon folk would be very interested in this.

I have a feeling they’ll avoid it like the plague.

This stinks to high heaven and should be dug into just like all of the other alleged atrocities Epstein has been accused of…such as peodophilia. Why would this not be exposed? Who all has been riding in Epstein’s jet and where were they going and what were they doing?

I know. Let’s ask how Slick Willy Clinton’s trip was to fantasy Island,
where he has sex with underage girls?

Careful. Want to guess how many times Trump hung out with him?

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Remember that time Bill Clinton remarked how his friend Epstein had an interest in beautiful women, particularly young ones?

It’s about time!

I think that you’re thinking of the Liberal Harvey Weistien that was a famous Democrat
Hollywood Producer that raped, and molested several actresses.

I know! Let’s ask Asia Argento. She was a huge activist for the strong women’s right group
#MeToo movement.
Owe. wait, don’t ask her, she raped an underaged boy. Sweep those two people under the rug, and throw them under the bus. lol.

Your dirty laundry is pilling up Democrats. Time to face the music!

Your private grabbing president that you support is currently being accused of assault in over 12 different women. Time to face the music!

Oh wait, yes I was mistaken. It was Dumpster Donnie bragging that his good friend Jeffrey Epstein was a lot of fun, and had lots of beautiful women around, many on the young side wink wink.