Law of unintended consequences: Quarantines can kill people

That wasnt what Trump or you claimed. You both said millions of testkits were going out a almost a month ago

I’ve said that from the beginning.

The millions includes those being produced now by the private sector.

The CDC has and has always had very limited production and testing capability.

Never in our history as the CDC tried to ramp up a new test for a new disease that has never been seen before in such a short time.

You were claiming a million of the CDC testkits went out before the private companies ever got involved. They didnt.

You claimed anyone who needed a test could get a test and that’s still not true almost a month later

Not all at once and not overnight. Their capability to produce them has always been Limited.

Each of the kits can process 500 patient samples. That’s how you get to a million.

That’s not what you were claiming at the time. You said that anyone who needed a test could get one. That wasn’t even remotely true. Still isn’t

Two completely separate issues. And no I never said anyone who wanted to get one to get tested. Never ever anywhere.

It’s not there job to give medical recommendations…it was to warn him it was coming here and could be a massive problem…

Ooooooo he went there girlfriend!

The new infection rate does drop quickly.

Easter is possible and I look forward to Trump being right yet again.

Pray for a resurrection Sunday lifting of US quarantine. How appropriate. How symbolic.

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I am sure there will be placed that will be restricted like CA LA NJ NY…most everywhere else looks promising.

Ave if it was true, then why did he wait until March 13 to declare a national emergency?

So if Trump is incompetent . . then WHO (the so called experts) must be far more incompetent.

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That not what I said you said. You mistakenly stated multiple times that anyone who needs a test can get one. That wasnt even close to being true 3 weeks ago and it’s not true now

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That would make Trump at fault for the delay in testing seeing that he didnt declare a National Emergency until March 13th. Why did he wait so long if so much was dependent on it?

Both statements can be true.

China was more incompatant than Trump for not being truthful and not doing more to stop the spread.

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Your point?

Those who are laying blame at Trumps feet should be laying 4X as much at WHO’s feet.

We didn’t fritter away any time, thats a bunch of bull! China was not up front about their virus and the W.H.O. dropped the ball also by not warning the world. Seriously what the hell good is a World Health Organization if not to sound the global alarm, they appear to be as useless as the United Nations. Globalism is not all its been touted to be!

We need to start putting the blame where it belongs and that’s CHINA and their cohorts the W.H.O.!