Law And Order. What's That?


Several Democratic Politicians wish to get rid of (ICE) U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. They also protect MS-13 Gang members with Sanctuary Cities.
MS-13 was the gang that told America that they were going to hunt cops down and kill them!

So how does protecting murderers of cops, help protect American citizens?

Part of the Socialist Agenda within America is Anarchy! The Democratic Party
wishes to invoke fear into Americans so they can push their Liberal Socialist insane Agenda upon Americans and that way they can try to justify doing so.

Socialism, and Anarchy go hand in hand. Simply look at their definitions.
The Conservative Media should point this out more often.

Long story short America, if you want ultimately a Country with no Law,
then keep voting and supporting Democrat Politicians.


Of course you keep ignoring the fact that they want to replace ice, not just get rid of it.


Please tell that to the Insane far Left-Wing Politicians, that are pushing their
ways on Americans, whether we like it or NOT!


Since that’s what their doing they already know.


Owe, sometimes I worry about Democrat Politicians that constantly sign
documents that effect this whole country without reading it.

That’s happened several times actually. I know shaky Pelosi does it. lol.
Alexandria Cortez has a degree in Economics, and yet talks like this; like
the tippiest of tippy tops and stuff. There’s like things you see, and those things
go here, and these things go there. lol. I mean it’s like ***???

I would think that there would be a lot of really really mad Democrats that
have wanted to be in office that are thinking to themselves, ***!!!? She can
be in office and they can’t? lol. :rofl:


I’m right, and you’re wrong. lol.


Owe. I thought that some Democrat Politicians like Alexandria Cortez were
calling to completely get rid of it?