Laura Ingraham goes to bat for Paul Nehlen

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Facebook now, what do they monitor quote, “hate”, that sounds good until you realize hate and these are some of the people they’ve shunned, are you on there? Oh, there you are.


INGRAHAM: Hey, hi, how are you? But it’s people who believe in border enforcement, people who believe in national sovereignty.

Smart choice there Laura. Having Alex Jones and Laura Loomer up there as sort sort of victim of censorship is bad enough, but Paul Nehlen? Eesh.

But he’s just a guy who believes in national sovereignty!


Was she wearing the big cross at the time?

But media and MSNBC!

The biggest and the goldest available.

She needs to hug an American flag. That way we know she loves America.

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Look she didn’t see the graphic. And she couldn’t hear what the guest was saying.

How can Laura Ingraham and Fox News be guilty for Paul Nehlen putting his profile pic on their graphic?! This is guilt by adjacency!

Or something.

Guess those rumors of here and her salute was true…

Maybe he will be nice enough to re up some of his great past work.

Nehlen wrote on Twitter before his permanent ban: “Poop, incest, and pedophilia. Why are those common themes repeated so often with Jews?”

Game recognize game so I’m guessing to Laura Ingraham, Paul Nehlen look real familiar.

That’s some deep thinking that Facebook is trying to silence. Also in that particular case it’s just a guy asking questions. Is it so wrong to ask questions? It’s not like he said something about it being all about the benjamins.

None of this stuff surprises me. I expect it.

They’re not even hiding it any more.

The one positive from this administration is that we are now able to see what people really think.

Just a poor conservative victim of social media censorship.

Makes total sense. It’s why Farrakhan et al made her list, not just a list of right wing nuttters.