LATEST POLL: President Trump’s Approval Rating SOARS to 52% | Sean Hannity

President Trump’s approval rating continued to climb following his annual State of the Union address this week; hitting levels not seen since his inauguration in January of 2017.

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Sean, you might want to start labeling this “Green Agenda” for what it is - it will catch on. It is the “Mean Green Agenda”. I live in it and have watched and have had to deal with it as a San Francisco Resident and architect practicing here - trying to get home to Atlanta! Here’s what they do:

  1. Plan to get rid of all cars in the city of SF in 10 years, from last summer. But for many years prior, they have blocked off left turning lanes, mistimed the lights to “slow down traffic”, put in traffic circles so large cars and people can’t figure out how to manuever them, put in bus lanes and taken 5 lanes to 2 in traffic, put in palm trees down medians in a very continuously cold city (and the many tens of thousands spent per tree goes away when they die), etc. Now the Planning Dept., in a sneaky way to entice homeowners and building owners to add new units to their houses, are ordering the removal of garages and curb cuts, partially by ordering the use of a huge 4 foot by 6 foot box for bikes be placed in the one car parking space. Oh yes. And now they don’t require parking for just about anything. They are building a huge many billions of dollars fast train from LA to Sacramento. Why? They think everyone is going to ride trains or buses or walk. They can’t get enough bus drivers in SF, no one wants to or should want to live here anymore - and it’s not just the homeless sleeping in the rainy cold either and alllll over the city. And here’s another: Notice the push for “electric” cars? Why? Batteries are hard to get rid of, you don’t want to be in one in a flood or lots of water, nor do you want to be in one when the Electro Magnetic Pulse war happens. What craziness! And if you watch, the new design of cars forces you to have cameras and google devices in your car…by creating an uplift on the rear of the side windows to block your vision, or having the center of gravity a little too high, so you need them. What perverseness!

  2. As of last June, the Calfironia Legislature passed two new laws for a created crisis.
    What crisis did they create this time? They used “environmentalists” - communists who helped to sneak up on the populace, throwing out billions of gallons of pure Sierra water every year - first affecting the largest great growing area in the world, the Central Valley of California. Farmers have had to let land lie fallow or dig deep wells. When they did the latter, the ground level in the Central Valley has gone down now feet. Not inches, feet. All for a non-existent 5" fish? No. For the communist agenda - the “Mean Greens” - to create a crisis.

So to finish my post…Item 2. The Created Crisis and the new laws. California has been throwing out billions of gallons of water per year. So the new laws? Require everyone in the state to use no more than 55 gallons/water/day. Or face a $1,000/day or 30 days in jail per occurrence. Up to ten per month, then it steps up. They are submetering apartments now. In 2025, it goes down to 52.5 gallons/water/day, then in 2030, 50 gallons/water/day.

What does that mean? A ten minute shower takes 25 gallons, one load of laundry 30 gallons. No cooking, no washing your hands, no cleaning, no water for you or your animals to drink (watch - lots of pets will be dumped and killed!), no dishwashing, no flushing the toilets.

All done in the name of the “Greens” which are nothing more than the “Mean Greens” to control and hurt everyone. Does that sound like what you want?

All terribly mismanaged natural resources. The “Mean Greens”.

  1. Low Flow Toilets. Are you aware this “Green” policy causes disease? How?

Sewer Systems are set up for a certain flow rate. The ones we had with toilets that actually flushed the first time. They are flatter in slope than what you need for the “Low Flow” Toilets the Greens got put in. So what happens on flatter sloped sewer systems in every city across the country when they aren’t totally rebuilt (lining Dems pockets - that’s another story)? The sewer systems back up and disease is caused.

Wonder if that’s what happened to cause the Typhus outbreak in LA?

The “Mean Greens”. They don’t care about public health, safety and welfare. Not one bit, the opposite.

And for another example:
4. The Environmentalists stopped the cleaning out of forests years ago. What did that accomplish? FIRES Deadly, unstoppable fires! How many people and wildlife and other animals get killed in them???

My ex-father in law worked for the Soil Conservation Service in Albany Georgia for decades. He taught me how they managed the land so well. You cull out the underbrush and trees that were dead or dying. When you used trees for paper, for instance, on the large corporate plantations they worked with the Soil Conservation Service, the US Forestry Service and the Army Corps of Engineers to pull out a few acres of trees and replant among the thousands of acres, rotating areas…and culled out the rest. Continuously. Then the water was dammed up to provide supply of water to farmers and cities, and electricity, too. Great natural resource management. For all, including the environment. I saw over 3,000 year old swamps kept as they were on one of these corporate paper plantations.

But the “Mean Greens”? Did the opposite, and created mayhem. Trying to force people into cities, to control them.

They are building Soviet style block housing in San Francisco now. Just hideous, and unlivable. And the building codes? Oh my word, the “Green Agenda” reminds me of making another decaying farm that my grandparents lived on, utterly poor, in West Virginia.

No, do not accept any of it. It’s a terribly, horribly “Mean Green” Agenda - designed to destroy, manipulate and control. Stop it all!!!

The Presidents’ approval rating keeps going up because more and more people realise that he is actually working for THEM. This President is actually for the people rather than the political elite. As far as California goes, I have thought for years, that we need to quarantine the state to keep all of their idiocy from spreading. Don’t forget, as a former mayor, Diane Feinstein bears a lot of responsibility for what has happened there and she hasn’t done a thing as Senator to correct things. She just wants the rest of us to pay for her mistakes.

To Janet_Campbell posts, you’re so right! OMG! Well said, and what Democrats are doing is atrocious!