Latest Covid vaccine update. Ditch your mask

“On a global basis, we’ll be ready to supply hundreds of millions of doses of vaccine around the world by January.”

I believe the current goal if all goes well, is to end phase 3 trial on 22 Dec. And submit the findings to the FDA. I don’t know how long the FDA will take to approve, but hopefully they will light a fire under it and get it done. I believe that Britain may be the first to get it. But common sense would dictate that the manufacturers of the med be the first. We shall see. Cautiously optimistic. I’m ready to take off my mask, shoot it full of holes, soak it in gasoline, burn it and bury it in an unmarked grave.

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Okay, the article says that they did have manufacturing problems that have been resolved. From what I have read, the production numbers are all over the place. Anything definitive on that front as of now?

Yes. I know what the production numbers are but am not at liberty to say. Hundreds of millions of doses by January is very, very optimistic.

Do us a favor and don’t encourage people to stop wearing mask, washing their hands, and social distancing until we have said vaccine.


Umm, seemed pretty clear to me. Get ready to ditch mask when vaccinated.

Then the thread title should make that a little clearer with the “when vaccinated” part.

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I knew what he meant by the title alone.

burning bras? no, burn your mask…

but when comrade biden assumes control he promised there will be a covid lockdown on 1-21


The important thing is don’t forget to take the mask off first.


And all will be joyful since I have been reassured here that no one is worried about their finances at all during this time. :roll_eyes:

finances? tax hikes for reparations … food stamps for everyone

It will be nirvana. :unicorn:

Hopefully people will continue to wash their hands often… that was a nice improvement…

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But you were optimistic for October. For someone who is “in the know” you seem to know very little about when a vaccine will be produced.

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I don’t think the vaccine will be what people hope for in terms of providing immunity and be more like a flu vaccine, on a positive note I did read it would lesson and help prevent symptoms which I guess is the most important aspect.


A couple of weeks ago I was listening to a Scientist who is doing research on the virus. He said that it is mutating very much like the flu virus. He said that if that is the case we will always be a season behind the new strains with vaccine treatments. As he sees it, we still don’t know how well the personal production of virus anti-bodies will assist in the control of a spread. I think a whole bunch of folks need to realize that we are still early in the learning phase.

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The most plausible scenario is yearly covid shots, just like the flu. We won’t be rid of the contagion for an extremely long time.

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Well I agree with the poster that they will be vaccines coming out soon I just don’t think they’re going to like be immunity vaccines. Maybe they will shorten the time we have the virus or the symptoms but it will not be an immunity but I hope I’m wrong.

No…the manufacturers of the meds should not be the first to get it.

The fairest and most effective way to distribute it is to get it to the high risk people first and after that distribute it by lottery as more doses become available.

Well follow my logic. It has nothing to do with fairness. If the manufactures get Covid, there will be no Covid vaccine being produced. Right?