Last Minute 3rd Quarter 2019 GDP Prediction

I’m guessing someone told Trump that it was slightly better than estimates and having no impulse control he thought that was good, didn’t understand what he was told, and tweeted about how great the economy is. Which makes him look ridiculous. But now I think it’s been explained to him which is why he’s back on his normal schtick:

The Economy WhispererTM will find a way. You must believe.


Again, propaganda works. There are millions of Cult-45 members mindlessly walking around parroting this same garbage.

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There is ALWAYS some other factor outside their responsibility.

Houston overcame great odds last night to stay within 5 runs, a huge win for the Lone star State.

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Ah, that’s good stuff right there.

What’s really funny, is that in 2016, Obama’s last year in office, every quarter had equal or better growth than 1.9%. And if you count 1st quarter 2017, it did also.



Begone with you!

This fact cannot be overstated.

And here I thought trade war with China was going to crash our economy…isn’t that what libs predicted?

And WW3 and raining cats and dogs, which is why fewer people care about the new allegations when the media spins a new reason he will be impeached each and every day we go down this road every month.

I have complete faith that the Democratic Party will nominate a candidate that will be considered to the left of Mao and lose in the general because they will not be able to answer questions like “How are you going to pay for this? And when they do get the courage to say to pay for all these new programs we will have to raise taxes on the middle class it’s over.

We’re under 2% for growth for the quarter. Or as Trump would call it: the “Economy is in deep trouble”


1.9% GDP with Trillion Dollar deficits are cool again.


I can’t wait until we go into negative interest rates.

Then we will get paid to borrow money.

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According to fat donald, the economy is in “deep trouble”


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no it’s not…but that’s not what forum libs said now was it? They said Trump was going to crater our economy and throw us into a major recession.

Thank God for Keynesian economics, huh? When you borrow money from the future and use the Federal Reserve to lower interest rates, you can do a lot.

Too bad those are things you do in a RECESSION!!

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With numbers like these…

Shakes magic 8 ball…

Outlook not so good.


Maybe without the trade war we would have finally exceeded Obama’s last year?

Maybe without the trade war we would have finally hit the 4-5% growth Trump and you folks were promising?

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Tax cuts.

Trade wars.

We still haven’t exceeded Obama’s growth rate.

Let that sink in.



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