Last Minute 3rd Quarter 2019 GDP Prediction

Late topic, but we still have 13 minutes. I’m actually going with Atlanta’s prediction of 1.7% I feel like they’ve tweaked their model to make it more accurate.

Although, Trump tweeting this in advance like an idiot:

Makes me think it might be better.

Yeah we probably hit 3s if he is sending tht out, which is great news.

The estimates couldn’t be that far off could they?

I’d be shocked if we hit that high. I predict 2.1. Which is better than most estimates.

1.9%. Not sure what Trump was tweeting about.


:man_facepalming: amazing

Gaslighting by Trump. Shocker.

@adroit What do we need to see in Q4 to hit 2.5 or even 3?

I’d be shocked too. Oh look not shocked tht we didn’t.

We really need to let the tax cuts kick in…


We just need to give it time man. 4, 5, even 6% GDP is coming! BEST ECONOMY EVER!!!

Yeah, not sure how you spin 1.9% GDP growth as greatest economy ever.


Perhaps it was his whistling past the cemetery?

Or he gets his new from Fox:

US fights off manufacturing woes, posts a win on GDP


Folks, one thing’s for sure no matter what happens, there’s always a tweet.


I came in consencus. Slightly highly than Atlanta’s 1.7.

Personal spending up.

Business spending not quite as high.


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We split the difference. :slight_smile:

Lord have mercy!


It’s known as managing expectations.

Everyone knew it would be close to 2.

Not sure how 1.9 is a win.

It met expectations.

That is all.


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Oh for Pete’s sake, you have to be kidding me!

It is a win if your headline says it is a win.