Last Man Standing Returns!


There are claims that Last Man Standing (starring Tim Allen) was canceled for political reasons because of the shows presentation of conservative values and because Allen himself is a conservative, accusations denied by ABC. (Obligatory link to politics. :grinning: )

News is that the show has been picked up by Fox and will return to the airwaves with a new season.

Glad to see it, really enjoy Tim’s brand of comedy and I thought the show was funny as hell.


I’ve never heard of it. I cut cable about 5 years ago. I’ll have to watch it. I’ve always loved Tim Allen.

Interesting that Fox picked up the show. Wonder what the reason was for ABC to drop it as they deny it was for political reasons. Some of the comments on the article indicate it would be for financial reasons. Also that Fox actually owns the show?

“Last Man Standing” averaged 8.3 million viewers in Live + 7 ratings for the 2016-17 season on ABC. It was the network’s second most-watched comedy, after “Modern Family.”

A lot of decisions go into what stays on air and what gets cancelled.

The US networks defo make some odd choices in that regard. Thankfully other networks are willing to pick up cancelled shows, as NBC displayed when Fox canceled Brooklynn nine-nine the other day.

And now there’s always the chance that netflix or amazon pay up for another season or two.


I watched it online which allowed me to binge it.

You might be able to find it still on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.



And no commercials.


They pick up that show while canceling the better show, Brooklyn 99? At least NBC picked it up for another season!

I’ll check - I have Netflix and Hulu.

Yup commercials are the reason I cut the cord on cable. I’ll be damned if I am going to pay to have to watch raunchy commercials or be bombarded by promotions for sleazy shows.

We cut the cable a number of years ago and were perfectly fine. When Cox Cable (which I actually liked) hiked the rate over one year (because our “special” rate expired increased from $95 a month (50 Mbps Internet and mid tier cable with no DVR or extra boxes) to $130 a month for the same service. Actually the initial rate was from $95 to $175 a month but then the “found” new “specials” but still a 33% increase was unacceptable. We dropped cable and just had internet for $80 per month.

Last October Verizon FIOS offered Gigabit speed, + TV, + HBO for $80 a month for two years. We switched providers and I’m very happy with it. Internet speed check is consistently between 650-700Mbps for the same cost.

My Wife and Son will occasionally watch live TV but I still mostly stream what I want. We kept Netflix and Hulu because our daughter is active duty and and uses our account.

I’ve come to realize that I pretty much hate commercials and when I find something interesting I want to binge it. I don’t think I’ll ever enjoy going back to being tied to waiting a week for the next episode.


I wonder how much more money it takes to reboot a traditional show/Conservative based with morality, compared to an already liberal show. Or simply just keep a normal liberal show running? lol.
I’m glad that “Last Man Standing” is coming back for another season. I think that I watched at least 80percent or more of all of the episodes out there. It was very enjoyable to watch, and I didn’t have to turn away in disgust(like most liberal shows if any that I ever watch), from evil, sick, demented, rude, or crude type behavior(like I’m sure that there will be in Rosanne).

I take you stay away from televised Trump rallies then

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I thought it was well produced well and funny but relied a little too much on stereotypes

Until just recently I had no idea that Allen had this apparently very popular sit-com on the air for 6 years. Glad to hear it’s coming back, I’ve always liked the guy.

If I wanted crude and traitorous type rallies I could always go to a liberal one where they burn the American flag, and fly the Mexican one. From the words of an ex pastor of Hussein(Insane) Obama. “God bless America!” “No no! Goddam America!” lol.
Why anyone would be stupid enough to vote for a guy that came from Illinois and was a Democrat is beyond my level of comprehension. lol. Not to mention the fact that his whole campaign was ran by saying that he was going to bring change! lol. and new politics. All the while, only having Hillary, and Joey Biden, and pretty much nothing but old liberal politicians in there. And then by his second term, for his main picture that he ran on, it was painted by a bleeding heart socialist.

As opposed to a guy that came from New York City and was a Democrat?

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Well Chicago and Illinois is known to be a huge liberal sick and corrupt state for over 100 years.

You’re amusing.

Thanx u! I aims to please!
You’re amazingly unusefull, and you bore me.
So now that we know where each other stands, I shall bid you adue.



I feel your pain, lol…I used to get SO aggravated watching commercials or even having to hear them in the background. Then one day it dawned on me that I really didn’t need to. I thought cutting the cable cord was going to cause withdrawal, but lo and behold it didn’t. It was actually quite freeing!

With all of the people cutting cable, it is amazing to me the networks have not raised their prices for commercials to such an extent that would allow only two to three every 20 minutes rather than 10-15 every 20 minutes. Seems like they are stuck in an old business model and stubbornly hanging on for dear life. Than again, I am not in that business so what do I know, right?

And who doesn’t want to binge watch Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Dexter or Peaky Blinders (just to name a few)?

adieu …