Larry kudlow suffers heart attack

according to a tweet trump sent out kudlow was taken to walter reed after suffering a heart attack

no further details

I don’t see any detials yet available. Hopefully at worst it’s minor and he’ll be back to work soon.

Just heard that at the moment he seems to be doing fine. Has been sitting up and making phone calls to friends.

Heard he was doing well.

Think that’ll be him done as a WH adviser then.

Working in any WH is stressful, working in this one even moreso.

Not necessarily.

He’d be nuts to try and continue working there after having a heart-attack.

Especially given that his economic advice doesn’t seem to be making an impact atm.

For a man with his history, even a mild heart-attack is a red flag.

People go on to live very productive working lives after having heart attacks, even major ones.

We have no idea how severe this was or if it was anything more than angina.

Cheney had multiple heart attacks.

Hopefully they can treat him that wasn’t treated before.

It was reported that some of his family learned about it from Trumps tweet.

Angina isn’t a heart attack.

They’re saying it’s a mild heart attack.

Yes you can continue to work and be very productive, but avoiding particularly stressful environments is usually good advice to heed.

He could easily go back to being a pundit.

As far as I know his doctors have made no public statement.

We have no idea what the extent of what happened is and probably won’t for several days.

Trump, Kudlow, and his doctors will let us know when we have a need to know what his plans for the future are.