Largest insurer slams medicare for all


I agree with this. Odds are the Medicare for all will follow the same Medicare model currently in place - you can elect to received benefits administered by the government, or you can elect to have a premium paid to a private company that provides the benefits through an insurance model. That’s how it works now. What makes you think that that will change?

And BTW,

  1. Yes.
  2. Yes.
  3. Medicare for all means all.


Well gee that’s just swell then. I mean if both parties are pushing for it, it must just be the bee’s knees, right? Because as we all know, both parties are solely out for OUR best interests. :roll_eyes:


Ok what angle would you want to address it from. Your righteous disagreement stems from your hate of the government. Single payer means more government in our lives. That’s fine. Can’t really argue with that because i am never going to convince you of the strengths and weaknesses of government


Yes, the last dem plan was forced payment to large corporate insurers.

Where would you get the 3 trillion a year to pay for it…


Have you read anything about him, other than what Fox and right-wing pundits tell you?

He’s got a very interesting story of success during his tenure as mayor. Perhaps considering visiting The Google for answers to those questions.


The last Democrat plan was a Republican plan.

You pay for it with tax increases that are offset by the decrease of insurance premiums. Or we could do the republican thing and borrow the money…

There’s always that…


The way Norway provides mediocre care to it’s citizens is by taxing the poor a lot… Not the rich.


That goes under that category of dems can’t even take responsibility for their own legislation… It’s so crappy they have to blame republicans, who never voted for it…

I’m sure you were for it big time.


So who authored the heritage foundation heathcare plan


Republicans didn’t vote for it. It was their own idea.

Shows you have stupid some Democrats really are because their plan was to compromise with Republicans and have the House and Senate pass the Heritage Foundation plan. People get insurance and corporations get money. Win-Win?

But the Republicans refused, so it was actually not necessary to compromise with them.

I was actually quite conservative back then, and still am to some degree; however, if you are going to have the government involved at the national level, I prefer Medicare-4-All to a corporate-controlled system.

You could have no insurance at all, or just catastrophic care.


“if you are going to have the government involved”

And therein lies the truth as well as the Crux of the matter. Those against the ACA don’t want government involved in their healthcare. The same reason those against the ACA don’t want single payer.


Well, lookie here, turns out you weren’t being completely honest about it being designed by the “freaking” heritage foundation either. I’m shocked I tell you, shocked. :roll_eyes:


You don’t want the government involved in most aspects if not all other than those that are original proscribed by the constitution. That’s a perfectly reasonable position to have

But your posts that i have read are nothing but brooding cynicism. “The sky is falling. We are all prisoners of the big bad government.” That’s not a recipe for change, that’s a recipe for apathy. Ask me how i know.


That’s nice. I said system. You totes missed that.


That’s nice. You’re ignoring they’re different.


Your own politicfact link disagrees with you. What was in the Chafee bill that was also in Obamacare. Are those the major parts of both bills?


What’s the matter? You having trouble with the words “was not identical” and “distinct” or something? It’s right there, in black and white.


I used the word system on purpose. I never said identical. You are so much fun. And i mean that


You just said my link disagrees with me. I find that hard to believe. Care to elaborate? I think you’ve backed yourself into a corner and are trying to deflect now.


It does
From the link

Among other features, the Chafee bill included:

  • An individual mandate;
  • Creation of purchasing pools;
  • Standardized benefits;
  • Vouchers for the poor to buy insurance;
  • A ban on denying coverage based on a pre-existing condition.

Now let’s try again I said system. I choose my words carefully when i posts here so i don’t have to deal with semantics. Keep trying though.