Land O’Lakes Pulls Support for Iowa Congressman Steve King Over Racial Remarks

Man, it’s like we’re back in the 1950s except companies are starting to get on the correct side of the race issue. Back then these companies would back guys like Steve King. These days there is enough backlash for some of them to do what’s human and right.

Having said that, I bet King could win elections in Iowa for the rest of his life.

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Latest poll has King up by only one point.

So here is hoping that Iowa shows white supremacist trash the door.

are we even sure that the majority of Iowans don’t agree with King?

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I’m amazed they’re even right now. Gives me hope that Iowans were not the ignorants that I thought they were.

I completely agree. He definitely deserves to be defeated, he’s the one exception I would make and vote Dem if I lived in his district.

Well done sir!

“Now in Spray!”

So we got your vote in 2020, right?

I wonder what it was about King that made Ted Cruz choose him to be his presidential national chair.

Call me cynical, but this pushback from the party began once King’s Fundraising ability has become threatened.

Cynical… right?

So if I’m reading your link right, and I’d like to think that I am, steve king didn’t make any racial remarks, and he endorsed someone for mayor in a Canadian city that did make racial remarks??

Is that the bulk of it?

Yes, that is a mediocre summary of this one event out of Steve King’s log history of being a white nationalist.


Meeting with a far right Austrian party that was founded by a former SS agent and regularly promotes holocaust denial and saying that “They would be Republicans” in the US might also have something to do with it.

Steve King is to decency like Manny Machado is to running bases fast.


You guys are worse worth your media bubbles than what you call conservatives out for. I did a search for steve king racist remarks and it came up with nearly all far-left websites.

That said, some of his comments were over the line and most of them were interpreted to fit your narrative. Which is what you like, so mission accomplished.

The free market, braver than Republican leadership when it comes to calling out a Republican white nationalist like Steve King.


I’m having a hard time believing you all care about a private company giving a few thousand bucks to a guy who says “insensitive stuff” when you all are all in for the government giving billions to help kill 40% of black babies in the womb.

So to sum up, I want 0.00000% black abortions, and you guys are just fine with the government giving $$Billions$$ to kill 40% in utero.

I say let’s cut off that money. Who’s with me??

No federal dollars go towards abortions.

Pul-leeze! No one believes your pro-life fakery anymore.


Meeting with Austrian Neo NAZIs is totally cool.