Lance Reddick Dies at 60

Reddick who had one of the most recognizable voices has died at the crazy young age of 60. Known for The Wire, John Wick and a plethora of different roles he always brought gravitas to anything he was in. He was an actor who I would watch in anything.

Reddick was also the iconic voice of Commander Zavala in the Destiny video games so hopefully Bungie will do something fitting to memoralize the character and the man.

So sad; loved him on The Wire and Bosch.

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I recently binged Fringe: he was good in that as well.

He was King of the Side Eye.


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Some celebrity deaths shock me.

This is one.

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On a positive note he was fully vaxxed

Oh yes, the conspiracy theorists are convinced he died from the vaccination.

i am 66, fully vaxxed and fully alive.

one day however,……


RIP Cedrick.