Lamentations: Racism With A Tan

This article from CNN was interesting to me in several ways.

First the title.

Use of “brown”. The appeal to authority by naming all the Latinos in the family - no different than “I can’t be racist, I have a black friend.” The author is black/white. His relationship the the Latino nation is by marriage, not blood. And Brazilians are not Latinos, they are Brazilian.

Then the overall premise of the article. The desperation, it tells me a lot. One, that I am correct when I say “Mixed will end racism.”

The fear of losing “Most Favored Minority” status is palpable.

The fear of a post-racism country without the need for “equity programs” - the same fear that caused Derek Bell et al to do what that did to “save” affirmative action. The fear the culture will have to stand on its own two feet.

“The Census is not an invitation to express yourself,” Hernandez says. “That race data is central to enforcing our civil rights laws.”

Don’t vote wrong. What happened to self-ifentification?

That debate erupted at the dinner table with my father one day. When I told him that I define myself as Black, he dropped his fork in anger and raised his voice.

“When you say you’re Black, you deny your mother,” he said.

I didn’t know how to explain to my father that if more multiracial people with a Black parent checked the “some other race” box, it could make it easier for institutions to conceal racism.

Is his father right? Is he willing to deny his own mother to perpetuate the crit? Is he ashamed his mother is white.

This article calls any “brown people” who identify as white racist perpetuators of white supremacy.

Of course it is dripping with CRT.

Love the colorism reference.

And hypocrisy:

This yearning is not driven by some wish that people of color will someday rule over Whites. It’s a hope for a more just America, a hope that we can somehow escape the tribalism that tore other countries apart.

:rofl: Yeah, while calling for more tribalism. “Join ours, not theirs!”

Love how he complains “white” is expanding to maintain hegemony while ignoring “POC” and “BIPOC” and indeed his entire article for the exact same reason.

He’s calling for an alliance between the black nation and the Latino nation to save privilege. An alliance based on skin color. That would require overriding culture.

Latinos will identify as Latino or white. They will not identify as black. His alliance won’t work, there’s no depth.

Here’s what’s causing the fear:

and people who identity as multiracial increased by 276% over the last decade.

And CNN is amplifying it.

Love it.

Another from the same racist crit.

I love accidental honesty.

Blake’s alma mater

Notice the Latino population. I can’t find the racial demographics of the faculty, despite the title of that page.

I haven’t seen what his degree is in either.

Opinion article was about White Supremacy with a tan.

Check your privilege. Diminishing the voice of color. Tsk, tsk.

Not with a 10 feet pole, neh progs?

And by the way, that’s racist.


The Struggle continues!

No. That’s the article.

Wow…they’re setting the stage to call Latinos racist if they don’t conform to their racist ideologue.


:rofl: So shallow.

Ok, have a nice day.

It’s literally the heading of the article.

This thread reminds me of this…

Setting the stage? He did it. Perpetuating white supremacy.

Probably meant the article. Yeah, it fits.

The same exact thing “white” did for Irish and Italians.

I guess it’s only a problem when brown people do it. You walked right into the articles central premise. You don’t even realize it


Nah…the thread, and your interpretation of the article.

I believe that’s what I said.