LA TIMES: Another 15,000 Person ‘Migrant Caravan’ to Leave Honduras January 15th | Sean Hannity

Another “migrant caravan” is preparing to leave Honduras in the coming weeks; with officials saying the 15,000 person group is ready to depart Central America and head for the United States’ southern border.

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Hopefully Mexico will help at the Southern border. I cannot believe they want 15,000 people through Melxico again. Also, I would like a discussion on the cost of all the immigrants that have come into the U.S. that we do not know about. Costs: housing, food, medical and education and jobs. Lets take care of our citizens first. We have so much to do in our country. Also, I read somewhere that the caravans are being financially supported from Chicago through grants given by our own government. I know Chicago has a large active Mexican population, has anyone looked into this and Chicago is a hugely Dem voting population. Surprising how the state is broke and the city of Chicago is so expensive now. Dems responsible. What has happened to responsible investigative reporting? Thank you.