LA spends over $800,000 per unit to house the homeless!

Lack of employment when there is no lack of jobs is indicative of a lack of desire to work.


That’s rationalizing rhetoric. What will putting those people into $800,000 townhouses (if indeed they agree to go) do for them?

The government (taxpayers) pays for them, but that doesn’t mean they own them. The developer will undoubtedly own the deed.

They’re giving up.

my comment had nothing to do with the crazy 800K town home price.

no. the government agency will hold title. And the property will be tax free.

My comment had nothing to do with the worth of this program.

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Usually the state owns the property for things like this.

We watched men haul concrete they had mixed on the sidewalk and put into buckets up bamboo scaffolding and doing who knows what with it while working on a building next to our hotel. I too would not live or trust the construction of many of those buildings.

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That’s incorrect.


No thanks, I already looked.

Okay. Let me rephrase it for you.

What will putting those people into townhouses (if indeed they agree to go) do for them?

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You are repeating yourself.

I don’t see where you are getting that, but if it is true, it truly is a recipe for disaster for the LA taxpayers.

Another repetition. Are you okay?

Who do you think will won the property? I could be wrong.

It will give them a stable platform to build a life from.

I don’t know much about this actual program, but I am assuming there are drug tests and employment requirements associated with being a tenant.

For many of them, it will be a nice quiet (and temporary) spot to stab themselves with needles.


All those acrobatics are indicative of a piss poor work environment with a serious lack of safety controls. They probably look all mystical and kung fu’y doing it though, so the fantasizing is to be expected.

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