Kurds Didn't Help At Normandy

Trump justifies throwing the Kurds under the bus because they didn’t help us at Normandy. Seriously?

I don’t recall the Turks helping us at Normandy.

Trump’s green lighting the Turkish incursion into Syria is an amazingly poor decision.

A really stupid thing to day. He’d be on more solid ground simply saying he wanted to keep his promise and remove US forces from Syria.

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When are Invaka and Jared going to put this idiot in a home.


victim blaming is kind of his thing.

■■■■ trump.

Do Trump supporters here think this was acceptable? If any of you do I would be interested in hearing why you feel that way.

Gee, Trump is a motor mouth that says foolish things. Who knew?

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Thanks for the advice.

Wont stop some people from defending him.


Is that all you think this is? Just good old Trump being Trump?

Is there no bridge too far for Trump?

What an unbelievable ■■■■■■■■

Its more funny when you learn the other group the Turk were straight up allied with the Nazi’s.

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Not sure if Trump knows this, but World War II was before he was born.

I suppose the only countries we can support are the Brits and Canadians. Maybe we can includes the free French and Poles too.

Nah Trump hates Canada for some reason.

I wasn’t giving you any advice.

Didn’t need to manufacture “bone spurs” then.

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He’s a clueless idiot.

Not today…image

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Not only a stupid thing to say but now he’s bragging about it.

I just saw a picture of a dead Little Kurdish girl and I can’t believe this piece of ■■■■ can sleep at night.

Maybe if he knew the Canadians helped us at Normandy he would change his mind.