Kudos to the U.K. government for calling a spade a spade (China)


Let’s hope the people of China want better for themselves and their families.

Let’s hope that the people of China reject the CCP and put them in the dust bin where they belong. :wink:

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Place the same regulations on businesses operating in China as imposed in the US.

If a company cannot comply then they don’t get to export to the US.

Now what?

WHO would buy into anything China has to say? :wink:


This is something I rarely hear. It’s just about everywhere. Except maybe the island of Svalbard!

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I sincerely doubt Trump cares what you believe or what you care about, I know I certainly don’t.

First SARS now COVID-19. China is a menace to the world’s health. The Chinese government didn’t learn a damn thing from the SARS outbreak. Give them ten years and they will brew up another killer virus, and hide that one from the world as long as they can too.


Quite a paradox: you don’t care, yet you commented.

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This sort of plays into option one.

https://www.express.co.uk › cor…
Coronavirus warning after study suggests COVID-19 could do this to men’s sexual …

You don’t matter that’s the whole point.

You don’t live here you’ll never vote here so why should anybody that does live here much less any elected politician care what you think of us or the the style of government we have?

Paul, if you didn’t get a chance to catch Tucker Carlson tonight be sure and catch it on rebroadcast here in about 3 or 4 hours it was a knock it out of the park.

If you can’t find it there I’m sure it’ll be on YouTube within an hour.

The info he put out on China and the WHO Collision tonight with staggering.

And you continue to comment; quite a paradox.

I step on lots of things that don’t matter either.

Absolutely hilarious; very comical.

Spain just rejected the test kits it bought from China and has been using to test for the virus because it has now determined that those kits only test positive 30% of the time a person has the virus.
For Spain, that means they have been telling people to go about their business virus free when they aren’t…no doubt contributing to Spain being the second hot spot after Italy.
If those same test sets have been used in China to determine who has the virus…

What’s the question mark for?

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Yes, I saw that. WHO and China are joined at the hip.

I was watch al Jazeera this morning discussing India, Zimbabwe and South Africa and their responses to the virus. Africa seems poised for a very high death toll, but I’m sure the highly praise by WHO Communist chinese will be willing to move into Africa in significant numbers to help treat them and bless them with social order.


My last three trips to Africa since 2015 it’s just unbelievable what the Chinese are doing their particularly in South Africa because of their resources and the pretty well Neo communist / socialist black liberation party that’s in charge.

Hopefully the damage this is done to China is going to cause him to be forced to withdraw a lot of their for an Outreach so they can rebuild from the disaster this pandemic is caused them at home.

One problem with that theory is China was looking at an excess Workforce of nearly a hundred million in 5 to 10 years the Automation and honestly the Chinese don’t give a damn about anybody personally and maybe they’d be perfectly fine to call Bear population by anywhere from one to five hundred million and they’d never blink.

China could lose 100-500 million people, as long as other powerful nations take heavy population losses, and still come out ahead if western economies also collapse.

Honestly, I don’t think population loss even if it reached 500 million would bother them that much right now.

Their biggest loss in what’s going to be hardest to recover from is going to be the loss of GDP due to the shutdown in manufacturing.

Honestly as quickly as they’re modernizing you know what’s Robotics and automation I don’t think they miss a hundred people tomorrow in Flatley the cop Chinese Communist care remember these are people that will end up thousands of unarmed soldiers and March them in the machine guns behind the front lines who carried the guns this is the front line was was eliminated the cash behind them picked up a gun and got to get in a fight.

Even at the high end of what they could have possibly lost population-wise over this just don’t the Communist Chinese government. Yeah you know the poor bastard on the street is going to mind but the government could care less. Those excess workers are nothing but a drain on the economy resources and could very well lead to a revolution.

They were losing their economic war. They may think they will be able to resource themselves and employ their people by moving population and industry in to badly depleted African nations.