Kremlin: We'll respond in kind if U.S. develops intermediate missiles

That’s kind of what we expected then to do, correct? I guess Gorbachev is right. We don’t appear to be thinking long term like Reagan did.

Bolton says they are building them anyway. We know Ol’Flexible would not do anything about it but, Trump is not Ol’ Flexible, ready to chuck Poland under the bus “after the election”. …

So scrapping this treaty is the best way to stop them? How do we stop them? What’s Ol’ Hardie going to do about it?

If the Russians are already ignoring it, they left it not US…

And how is Ol’ Hardie going to stop them from building these missiles?

Watch and see… The first step is recognizing there is a problem. Ol’Flexible would not have even seen a problem. .

Amazing how fast the left goes back to defending Putin. They can’t help it.

But…why would Putin be ordering Trump to do this?

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Nothing stops a bad guy with a missile is a good guy with a missile.

Missiles are cool. Especially Russian missiles.

The same way Reagan did! Russia can’t afford to keep up with the United States economically, so it could be a repeat victory the 2nd Cold War :us:

Last time I checked, our deficit is expanding rapidly, and approaching a trillion dollars even though we’re in an economic boom. Not so sure we would win a war of attrition.

How does Ol’ Shroomie threaten a country with nuclear weapons? What actual tools does he have to stop development of intermediate range missiles?

i don’t think debt matters anymore. probably similar to Ivan Silayev in the USSR.

Well for ****s sake. I thought America was done with this ****, but no, Donny Tiny Hands wants to relive the Cold War because he’s a ****ing moron and unlike the actual smart people who dealt with the Cold War, he’s far more likely to get us all ****ing killed.

Thanks Trumpers. Hope you’re all ****ing proud of yourselves.

He has to prove his manliness using other people/us.

I like missiles. I hope we make lots more, even if they make lots more. Escalation of any kind rarely bothers me.

Remember the MOAB? I want the GMOAB.

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Yes… entitlements payments to boomers are growing fast. As we were warned for decades.

Obviously, very little if the Russian are already building them … Perhaps Germany could help and stop paying Putin so much.

Sounds like dems want to pull an Ol’flexible and ignore the Putin problem… Just like they did during the election, lol!

bigly lol

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