Kremlin: The idea that Donald Trump could have worked for Russia is

Well, there you go. Glad we could put this to bed and move on.

Well if Russia says it…

They didn’t say it. The said the idea was stupid.

They didn’t say it didn’t happen.

Is what?

A dimocrat fantasy?

If you can’t believe Putin who can you believe?


Whatever happened to no controlling legal authority that the Left was satisfied with when it was one of theirs?

It’s asinine!

I am sorry I am not buying the whole Russian agent thing, this sounds like something that would have come from the bowels of info wars. Collusion? Maybe will have to wait and see but Russian spy? :roll_eyes: don’t let your hatred for Trump effect your common sense.

Ask the Polish and Czech leaders about their missile systems.

Russia helped get trump elected because they knew how incompetent he would be.


I don’t think Poland has the money or expertise to bulls themselves a missile defense platform.

James Bond? Of course not. John Profumo? Why not?

Given what we know of his predilection for models and porn star(s), his carelessness, his arrogance that he can never be beaten, is it really so much of a stretch?

I won’t be satisfied until I hear it directly from Vlad: Donald Trump is not my bitch, not my tool; any suggestion that he acts at my beck and call in order to remain in my good graces, otherwise he knows what’s coming, is preposterous, or “fake news,” as we like to say.

This is an excellent graphic showing the Trump Tower meeting coverup. The one where Don Jr and Manafort met with Russians, and Dad made up a ■■■■■■■■ story on AF1 to explain it away.

I never said there was NO collusion!!

Giuliani shouldn’t be on TV. He’s lying about provable facts and statements and admitting that Trump didn’t know what was going on at the convention. Calling him a moron. That’s our president’s “lawyer”.

Guiliani is getting ahead of the bad news that are coming down the pipe.

This is the current line. “The president didn’t collude”. Pretty weak. The next one(which I’m sure is coming) is “It doesn’t matter/isn’t illegal that he colluded”. They’ve already started the not illegal part. Last line is “He had to collude/he’d be a bad leader if he hadn’t.”. Worst next line is “You’re under arrest for disparaging the president”.