KREMLIN OBSESSION: Mueller Reportedly Worried Russia Now SPYING on RUSSIA PROBE

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Special counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing obsession with Russia reached a new level this week, with those close to the investigation saying his team is now worried that Kremlin-backed agents are attempting to gather intelligence on the probe itself.

According to the Associated Press, Mueller’s legal team is “worried” that Russian agents will use an ongoing legal case in the nation’s capital to “gather information” about the special counsel’s investigation into Russian collusion.

“Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team is worried that Russian intelligence services will use a criminal case in Washington to gather information about its investigation,” writes the AP.

“Prosecutors are asking a federal judge to impose limits on the information that can be shared by attorneys for Concord Management and Consulting LLC. The company is accused of funding a clandestine Russian social media operation aimed at interfering in the 2016 U.S. presidential election,” adds the author.

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