Korea- trump didnt bring talks

So I wonder if this is just to play with trump a little and his ego? Or is this a way for n Korea to get out of this if trump starts tweeting stupid things?

Maybe it’s just the truth. Trump is a cartoon- a clown.

This is a tough one. Believe Kim or Trump?

Impossible choice.


I hold more stock in what Kim Jong Un has to say about it all rather than Mr. Alternative Facts.

That doesn’t make me a communist sympathizer, it makes me a realist.

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I still feel like this is all a show.

The specter of the war still looms large. You have two of the world’s most militarized countries side by side, with military forces who’s only reason for existence is to fight the other one.

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It’s funny that Kim would say this, but I also believe the whole “Trump Nobel” thing has been way way way overblown by the right. They’re still smarting from the Obama Nobel Peace Prize.

They’re still smarting from Obama…period.

Trump is the logical extension of their vitriol.

Well, I wouldn’t necessarily call it logical but it definitely grew from Obama. Which says a lot.

Who to believe…

No seriously…

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I’m gonna say a little from column A and a little from column B.

That Trump lies is well documented. That Kim lies and is a vicious murderer is also well documented. That the American left would side with Kim Jong Un is…expected.

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Personally…I just don’t know who to believe. And that is a problem.

The American left has sided with Kim?

Several of our left leaning protestors say that they don’t know whether to believe Trump or Kim. Didn’t they selectively leave out the statements of Moon, just to put the two on equal footing?
No…I should not have implicated the entire left.
A habit from seeing “trumpsters” or “alt right” generalized aboiut all the time.


Oh, what you’ve quoted me as posting isn’t what I posted.

Rocket man is just burning out his fuse…alone.

Take it up with the forum software. I just pushed the reply thing.

Donald and Kim are the same person, from a personality standpoint. I wouldn’t believe either of them about anything.

No. It’s because Kim is more believable. And that says a lot.

About people who believe that Kim Jong Un is believable., yes.