Korea- trump didnt bring talks

Several of our left leaning protestors say that they don’t know whether to believe Trump or Kim. Didn’t they selectively leave out the statements of Moon, just to put the two on equal footing?
No…I should not have implicated the entire left.
A habit from seeing “trumpsters” or “alt right” generalized aboiut all the time.


Oh, what you’ve quoted me as posting isn’t what I posted.

Rocket man is just burning out his fuse…alone.

Take it up with the forum software. I just pushed the reply thing.

Donald and Kim are the same person, from a personality standpoint. I wouldn’t believe either of them about anything.

No. It’s because Kim is more believable. And that says a lot.

About people who believe that Kim Jong Un is believable., yes.

Well NK should tell that to and warn the SK President Moon Jae-in not to mislead the world because he is the one giving Trump credit for the two Korea’s coming together, he made a very public global announcement about it.

Well folks… what could be plainer than

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Pretty obvious, ain’t it? I mean, how ■■■■■■ up is it that the President of the United States is less credible about statements of fact than Kim Jung Un?

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Over trump? Who is gonna take that bet straight faced?

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Compared to The Liar in Chief, he is.

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Libs will sell their country out just to inflict hate upon the man who beat their hag queen. Makes me want to puke.

I really don’t care who get the credit at this point if this happen we all win.

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Didn’t you get the memo?

I think you hate Trump so much you’ll lap up anything the little dictator spews out.

What’s changed for N. Korea since Trump was elected?

What’s changed in Kim’s attitude?

Not exactly. Most of Kim’s offensive capability would be destroyed in the first 48 hours if war broke out and he lacks the economic might to sustain a fight more than a couple of weeks.

He isn’t. Trump is a basket full of garbage but if you honestly place equal value on what a communist tyrant and murderer who has lied about everything that mattered since before he even took office your blinded by partisan hate.

why does this matter? Trump is gonna take credit regardless.

We still don’t have an answer to this question, which is why Kim’s words are actually plausibly believable. Trump said publicly that diplomacy was a waste of time, so that throws a bit of shade on Moon’s assessment. We don’t know if he’s giving Trump credit for maintaining an old stance, or something new–and there’s not much new Trump could have done since Obama (and Bush, I assume, given the nature of Obama’s actions) was already overtly covertly sabotaging NK.