Kooky Cortez.. Loves govt force, Not liberty

Apparently the dems socialist is calling for radical change in our economy. Zero carbon emissions in ten years. Everyone drives an electric car or else.

Hey, kooky, an electric car is like starting out on a quarter tank of gas, So, if it’s 10F out side how long will your electric heater keep the car warm? Feel free to answer that question…

She also compares herself to the racist FDR, king of the American concentration camp. So she must not know any history, which is something committed lefty have to keep themselves ignorant of. History is not on the side of their godless religion. So, only faith can keep you committed to it.


As a side, they put up a field of solar panels near me. Solar panels are not green, because you have to amortize the energy of their manufacture over the life of the solar cell. That takes about 25 years if they have good efficiency.

Two days after the were installed they were covered with dust. So, they will never return more energy than they cost to make. Not to mention all the toxic waste. Solar cells are a scam are far as being green.

Yeah. Cortez is the kooky one.


What scares cons about her?

Many newly elected Dem congressmen and women and they focus on her… weird


I read an article about her concerning a video filmed when she was in college where she dances … how very controversial. Next week it will be about her brushing her hair.

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Well, it wasn’t like stripper dancing or dirty dancing, everyone does that in college. This was more of a bizarre terrifying commie Breakfast Club type dancing.

I saw that. We simply cannot allow our Government to be run by people who were adorable in college.


I keep wondering the same thing myself. Trump supporters are literally crapping in their pants everytime this young lady speaks.

That’s the very best thing that’s been on Twitter the last few days. Holy ■■■■■ what a bunch of idiots. Rightwing cranks and blowhards are posting this video as though it’s the Michelle Obama whitey tape (Oh, they’ve got her now!); instead, it’s this awesome clip of her (looking beautiful) and her college friends dancing (really well), having fun, and doing dances from Footloose and The Breakfast Club.

Hey, I guess should could have been pounding brews and blacking out with Squee, or dreaming about cutting Social Security around the keg with Paul Ryan, or maybe just hanging out with this guy:

Indeed. And it was approved by one of the true reds of history:


Yeah the commie Breakfast Club part is wht’s so funny. I think someone just invented an oxymoron.

This is the oroginal tweet from a Qanon idiot.


It is fascinating to see the foundations of the brand that the CEC is planning to build around Cortez.

I am Ted Cruz, and I approve this message!

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Yeah, it’s a brand for people who think that John Lithgow’s character was the hero of Footloose.


She’s the future of dem politics. It’s demographics.

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Libs are trained by fiction. Some still believe dancing is outlawed somewhere because it was in a movie…


Her 70% income tax proposal—I know that it’s only for the top bracket—is far out there.

He’s not? You’re right - it’s Chuck Cranston.

True story: junior year high school theology teacher showed us One Flew Over the Cucko’s Nest and argued that Nurse Ratched was the hero.

Woman was crazy (her son though was a tremendous athlete who played in the major league for five years or so).

Hawt. She’s great in that video.

Wonder what the disconnect is? You’re not supposed to have fun or something?

Did you see Ted’s new beard? I actually prefer it, hides his chin! Or lack thereof.

And in college she danced! Danced, I say. Harrumph, harrumph, harrumph!

I better get a harrumph outta you!