Kofi Annan's well deserved legacy...impartial to genocide


I’m lying here in bed watching the morning news listening to the media sadly talk about Annan’s life. Very little mention of his legacy of genocide. His UN security Council did nothing to stop the Genocide of over a million Rwandans in the mid 90’s.

Let Genocide be a part of his Eulogy…let it be said…he was impartial when it came to genocide!

I have always seen that as more of a failure on the part of the churches. When the majority of the country claims to be Christian then acts opposite of that one has to wonder what was being preached.

UN had Peacekeeping troops in Rwanda. Kofi Annan was in Charge. He wanted to be seen as not taking sides…and did not allow the peace keepers to seize the weapons. The Hutu’s massacred the Tutsi’s. No. Not the Christians…the UN is to blame. UN security Council was supposed to provide security. This is why so many dislike and distrust the UN today.

Seeing as they were killing people while claiming to be Christian shows a failure of the church to instill Christian principles

The UN failed.

And people fail to learn from the words and deeds leading up to this.


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That’s all I was saying and he was the cause of and reason of that failure!