KNIVES OUT: Chelsea Clinton Says ATTACKING IVANKA ‘Fair Game’ | Sean Hannity

Former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton didn’t hold back during a recent interview on late-night television, suggesting attacks on President Trump’s daughter Ivanka were “fair game” because she routinely advises the Commander-in-Chief.

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" I’ve been very vocal about my opposition to President Trump.” - I’m sure, like his saying your mommy is a greedy crook that deserves the same punishment as other who do what she did.

Remember the attacks on chelsea clinton when she was half Ivanka’s age. Was that appropriate?

I see Chelsea’s behaviour as the direct result of amoral parental tutelage. Being raised by lying, coniving, cheating, manipulating, and morally bankrupt parents, would have such an impact on her Psyche, that I doubt even years of therepy could heal.

Webb Hubbell must be proud.