Knife attack in Villejuif, France

A man killed one person and injured two others outside of Paris Friday during what witnesses are describing as a random stabbing spree, before he was shot dead by police.

French reports say the attacker appeared to have mental problems and add this information:

At the very beginning of the afternoon, on January 3, a man stabbed several people in a park in Villejuif (Val-de-Marne), killing one of them. A few hours later, the assailant was identified. Recently converted to Islam, he was not known for radicalization by the intelligence services. According to the Créteil prosecution, the madman shouted “Allahou Akbar!” at the time of the attack.

Why does the additional information appear in French reports, but it is missing from US reports?

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UPDATE: Here is an updated news report from the UK that confirms that the stabbings were a likely terrorist attack:

The US sources I have checked do not show similar updates.

I guess terrorist attacks in France are no longer considered newsworthy, at least if they involve knives and an apparent Muslim convert. That is news in itself.

what you just linked three separate news story on the event how is it not being covered.

Key information related to possible motive does not appear in US stories about the event. That is the point.

My observation is that US media are generally very reluctant to admit that attacks have any relation to Islamic terrorism.

An attack from a recent convert to Islam who yells “Allahu Akbar” while wearing an apparent bomb vest is mostly likely not just a “random” event.

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In a related story 19 republican governors are asking the feds to give their states more refugees. I guess they don’t believe what they are seeing in Europe could ever happen here.

We are surrounded by nit wits.

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