Klobuchar ending campaign

I will take the “Whacky Uncle” over the porn star banging narcissist any day of the week. Trump has paved the way for Uncle Joe. Every time he makes a mistake voters just have to look at the alternative and go “eh, harmless stuff”.


I would kill to see Harris get the AG spot.

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hunter is probably out buying a new ferrari as we speak.

He probably can’t even remember his own oranges.


You would have to chose whom you kill carefully if you are hoping to get her to prosecute you. Most murders are disposed at the state level.

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Any for ag

Stacey Abraham’s for vp

For Midwest you have to consider Klobuchar and Mayor Pete. But Klobuchar has a lot more connections and knows how to get things done in DC. She could be to Biden what Biden was to Obama, someone who could take tasks and get them done.


I have never seen her appeal, honestly. I don’t know what others see in her. I should look up what she stands for.

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That’s why he had to resign in the first place… for getting women’s naughty bits.


There goes the democrats’ women and minorities.

You guys realize that in a primary only one candidate wins, right?

That decision really is whacky because you have NO IDEA WHO IS ACTUALLY RUNNING THE COUNTY.

That was a solid joke.

Good job.

Yep. 80 year old white dude.

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Phrased that wrong. That poor guy, getting caught up in the “me too” net. Decent guy, and a pretty impressive member of the Senate for the time he was in. Really knew his stuff and asked great questions.



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Oh gosh…what countries will Joe visit first?

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Funny that most of these people wrote biden off for at least a month and suddenly they’re picking his cabinet and placeholders for his VP selection.

The guy who has run for president 3 times and to date, has won exactly one state.

And he’s about to get stomped tomorrow as well.

Too funny!

Like we do now?

I think Biden is fine, he is sharp upstairs but he is not a great public speaker. Stutter and all.

I think he compensates too much because of the stutter and tries to talk faster, that is where he makes the most mistakes. When he talks calmly he is fine. When he speaks from the heart he is actually quite moving. When he tries to brag about this or that or talks fast he makes a lot of mistakes.

That is fine, no one is perfect. Trump slurs his words and I don’t see anyone on the Right getting upset. He sometimes just makes up words entirely.

What Biden represents is a return to decency and respect for the rule of law. What is that saying? America isn’t great if it cannot be good or some such thing.

I could use a break from all of this nastiness, honestly. I just want a President I can ignore or even make a little fun of because he says silly stuff from time to time. Way better than what we are dealing with now, it’s so toxic.